QX Smart Lenses by Sony, pairs and connects with your Android device, and turns the camera of your device to an improved camera with great performance. But how can you get the most out of these lenses (QX10 and QX100)?

Well, our suggestion is to use Camera 360 Ultimate, since its latest update added the support for Sony Lenses. The QX cameras can now benefit from live filters thanks to Camera360. There are many to choose from such as Magic Skin, Enhance, Lomo, HDR, Retro, Black and White, Ghost and more.

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So, if you have already owned a QX Lens, an Android device, and the updated version of Camera 360, then you just need to do as follows to connect the Sony Lens to your Android device and enjoy taking outstanding picture:

1. Open Camera360, then click the toggle button in the bottom right corner to choose Sony Camera.


2. Enter guide page of Sony Camera, then click Connect. This process will take several seconds. Please make sure your Sony Camera is on.

3. After connected successfully, enter View Finding interface of Sony Camera.
i. Live Effects will be available when you move Sony Camera. Click the toggle button in the bottom right corner to switch to another mode.
ii. Click the shutter button or press the lens shutter button directly to take pictures.