In this AW Center article we show you different ways to manage, personalize and customize lock screen on Galaxy S5 to get the most of your device’s gorgeous screen even if it is locked.

Before getting started note that it seems the Korean has disabled the lock screen widgets and we haven’t found a way to add widgets to lock screen yet. Now, let’s get started:

1. Change Lock Screen Wallpaper on Galaxy S5

The very first thing you see on your phone is the lock screen wallpaper, which can be changed regardless of what you have selected for the home screen wallpaper.

To change lock screen wallpaper on Galaxy S5, go to Settings > Device > Sound and Display > Wallpaper > Lock screen and set your favorite wallpaper either from the default wallpapers, your gallery, or travel wallpaper.


2. Add/Change Owner Info on Lock Screen

Like any other Android device, you can show owner info on lock screen on Galaxy S5. Head Go to Settings > Device > Sound and Display > Lock screen and tap on owner information. Type the text you want to be shown on the lock screen and mark the “show owner info on lock screen" option


3. Add Weather Information on Lock Screen

On the lock screen of the Galaxy S5, the weather conditions as well as current temperature are shown in a minimalistic way and you just need to enable the “Weather” option from the following menu:

Settings > Device > Sound and Display > Lock screen > Additional information



4. Add Camera Shortcut to Lock Screen

On Nexus devices you just need to swipe right on the lock screen to open the Camera application quickly. On Galaxy S5, you can add the camera shortcut to lock screen and all you need to do to launch the camera application is by holding and dragging the icon to any direction until the app is opened.

To add the camera button, go to Settings > Device > Sound and Display > Lock screen and make sure to mark the “Camera shortcut” option.


5. Change Unlock Effect on Lock Screen

If you have set the Swipe method as your screen security, you can change the unlock effect as you swipe left or right to unlock. Available unlock effects are: Popping colors, Stone skipping, Watercolor, Ripple and None, and can be change under this path: Settings > Device > Sound and Display > Lock screen > Unlock effect.


6. Enable/Disable Screen Lock Sound

By default, a sound is played as soon as you lock/unlock your phone. You can easily go to Settings > Device > Sound and Display > Sound and mark/unmark the “Screen lock sound” option.


7. Tracks Your Steps from Lock Screen

The S Health and the Pedometer sensor on Galaxy S5 helps you count the steps you’ve taken almost accurately. Go to the following path, enable “Pedometer” and see the number of steps you have taken since S Health app is opened and Pedometer feature is enabled

Settings > Device > Sound and Display > Lock screen > Additional information


8. Change Lock Screen Methods

And last but not the least is about increasing the security of your Galaxy S5 by setting a lock screen method to it. Available screen security options are: Swipe, Pattern, Fingerprint, PIN, Password, and None.


You can also change the clock size shown on the lock screen, as well as specifying to show/hide the current date, and the option to show dual clock in case you are roaming.


Now, grab your Galaxy S5 and start customizing the lock screen.