These days finding ways for bringing iOS features to Android OS is very popular and developers are trying to benefit the most from Android’s Open Source environment to publish new apps. After being able to add Parallax Effect to Android, now you can have the iOS7 Control Center on your Android phone or tablet. What you need to do is simply install Control Center - iOS 7 Style.

After opening the app, you can toggle the service off and on. If you toggle both Arrow Indicator and Click arrow to expand On, then the control center is launched as soon as you either tap the arrow, or drag up the arrow. Otherwise the app is launched only by dragging up. You can also specify the touchable area, which I found it very useful. Frankly when I first installed the app, I noticed the Arrow indicator interferes with the Space bar and it was really annoying and I was about to uninstall the app! But customizing the touchable area helped a lot. You can easily change style, width and height. The green rectangle shows the touchable area, and you can change the width 10% to 100%, change the height from 5dp to 30dp, and move it to either left, center, or right.


Now let’s open the control center. There are 7 toggle buttons to turn on or turn off system settings. Toggles are not changeable and you have access to these 7 settings: Airplane mode, WiFi, Bluetooth, Data, Screen rotation, GPS, Sync.

You can also change the brightness, volume level, enable or disable vibration and ringing. The last line is for accessing 5 favorite apps. You just need to long press on each icon to change the default one. Note that the first icon is to turn the LED Flash to a torch (In our test, it took about 3 seconds to turn the torch on).


The app requires Android 2.3 or above to run and it is kind of easier to use than the default notification bar on Samsung devices.

Download Control Center from Google Play

So, which iOS7 feature do you think gets available on Android next?