When it comes to security on Android, the very first authentication methods pops up in mind are Pattern, PIN, Password, and the less secure Face Unlocking method. And when it comes to the biometric authentication methods, fingerprint sensor and iris technology are the 2 known options which the latter has never been applied to a smartphone, and the first is only available on HTC One Max at the moment (although it seems on 2014, more devices are going to use this biometric technology).

The first method needs you to enter a code (or draw a pattern) which gets annoying sometimes, the face unlocking method is not as secure, and the mentioned biometric options are not widely spread.

So, how about another biometric solution which doesn’t need any specific hardware peace and is as secure and unique as fingerprint? How about using your Ear to unlock your Android device?

Well, honestly when we first heard of the idea of unlocking your phone with your ear, it was sort of funny than being serious, but it is real and ERGO provides a solution to make it happen.


How does ERGO Work?

< p>The patent pending ERGO is a biometric authentication application which identifies “the unique geometry of your ear” and you just need to hold your phones up to your ear and then BOOOM… your phone is unlocked.


If for any reasons, the authentication process doesn’t go through well, you’ll still have the PIN option to use, and our experience of working with the app was kind of exciting, but on the other side it just looked stupid to put your phone near your ear each time we wanted to unlocked the device. Speaking of experience, when we read the comments about ERGO while some had found it useful and interesting, there were some who had difficulties with setting up the app and getting it to work.

By the way, ERGO is available on the Google Play Store and it takes as much as $3.99 to have a reliable but strange biometric authentication option. Maybe a trail version could absorb more users to give the app a try, and get more users to but the full version.