New to Android? Here are the essential Android Apps for New users which cover these categories: Business, Communication, Finance, Music & Video, News, Personalization, Photography, Productivity, Shopping, Social, and Tools.

These Android apps are the best in their respective categories and the AW Center editorial team strongly recommends them, to make the most out of your Android device.

Weclome to Android, the world of adventures and fun.
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Part II - Essential Android Apps for Finance and News

Essential Android Apps for Finance

1. Toshl: Manage your Income and Expense

Toshl Finance Budget & Expense is a free Android finance app which provides the simplest yet best way to manage and monitor your budget as well as your expense. The user friendly interface, using funny characters, defining different types of budgets and syncing option are some of the great feature of Toshl we like very much.


2. Stock Quote: Real Time Stock Price on Your Home Screen

If you are following prices in different financial market, Stock Quote supports variety of markets (stock, community futures, Funds, Exchange Traded Funds, Currency Exchange rate…)  and provides you with the latest financial news and videos. You can watch your portfolio, and enjoy technical charts with different indicators.

< br /> Essential Android Apps for News


1. Flipboard: Your Interactive News and Magazine Client

Flipboard is a must have Android News app for those who want to follow their favorite subjects, neat and entertaining. It also lets you add your social networks accounts to the Flipboard (up to 2 accounts).


2. Pocket: Read Your Favorite Articles Offline

The idea behind Pocket is simple: Add the articles on the web to Pocket, and read them later on your phone, tablet or your computer, without internet connection. Pocket is really useful when you don’t have enough time to read your favorite article on the web, and you just have the time to add them to Pocket to make sure you have access to them later, and offline.


3. Feedly: Your RSS News Reader

We all know Google Reader is shut down, and we all know Feedly is the best option to replace Google Reader. So, get this RSS news reader, add your favorite sources, and enjoy reading them.


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