New to Android? Here are the essential Android Apps for New users which cover these categories: Business, Communication, Finance, Music & Video, News, Personalization, Photography, Productivity, Shopping, Social, and Tools.

These Android apps are the best in their respective categories and the AW Center editorial team strongly recommends them, to make the most out of your Android device.

Weclome to Android, the world of adventures and fun.
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Part V - Essential Android Apps for Productivity

1. ES File Explorer: The First & Best Choice as Your File Manager

If you have already bought a Nexus device (or HTC), you have noticed the lack of File Manager and you may complain about the limited features of the file manager app pre-installed on your device (Like My Files on Galaxy devices). ES File Explorer File Manager provides you with too many features to count and it does literally everything you expect from a File Manager. Other than functioning as a complete file manager, it also acts as a download manager, Rar/Zip file opener, Application manager, FTP client, Remote File Manager, and many more.


2. Dropbox: Use Some Cloud Space

Trust us! You really need a default Android app as your default Android Cloud app. choosing the application which suits you the best is up to, but among the many Android cloud apps, we recommend using Dropbox or Google Drive.


3. Evernote: Your Note Taking Assistant

Having a note taking application is a Must Have App for every Android user. So how about using Evernote the best Android Note Taking App? It literally does whatever you think/expect a note taking app should have. It lets you type, record audio files and take picture as input method to create notes. Searching for text inside images, syncing, organizing by tags and notebooks, and share your notes are some of important feature of Evernote.
Learn How to Add Handwriting to Evernote on Android

On the other hand, sometimes you just want to write a note and stick it to Home Screen and you just looking for a simple note taking app, and not a rich feature one. Desk Notes is one of the simplest notes widgets which lets you stick your notes to your Home Screen.


4. To-do List & Task List: Organize Your Task and To-Do List

The other essential Android apps for productivity, is a powerful To-Do and Task list manager which helps you keep track of your daily plans both in your personal and social life. We really couldn’t think of any other application, when we first worked with It is just beautiful and fully functional.


5. DU Battery Saver & Widgets: Have Your Battery Last Longer

Battery life has been always a major issue for smart devices. If you are not satisfied about the battery life of your device, and you haven’t found the right settings to boost the battery life, we recommend using an Android Battery Saver app. Among the many available apps for this purpose, you can give DU Battery Save, or JuiceDefender a try.

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