New to Android? Here are the essential Android Apps for New users which cover these categories: Business, Communication, Finance, Music & Video, News, Personalization, Photography, Productivity, Shopping, Social, and Tools.

These Android apps are the best in their respective categories and the AW Center editorial team strongly recommends them, to make the most out of your Android device.

Weclome to Android, the world of adventures and fun.
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Part VI - Essential Android Apps for New Users: Shopping - Social

Essential Android Apps for Shopping

1. Barcode Scanner: Scan barcodes on products

The first Android app for shopping you need, is Barcode Scanner, which lets you scan barcodes on products to get more information about them. It also lets you scan Data Matrix and QR Cods. 


2. Groupon: Get Daily Deals and Coupons on the go

Groupon on your Android device provides you with the best deals in more than 500 cities. So you can easily take advantage of getting 50-90% off for so many stuff to do, seem eat and buy.


3. Official Android Apps for eBay and Amazon

If you are buying onl ine, most of the time you are either using Amazon or eBay. Both these services have an official Android app and you can enjoy their many features and shop easily via your Android device.


Essential Android Apps for Social

1. Official Android Apps for Social Networks

Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Instagram, and Tumblr as the most popular social networks have official apps and what you need to do is installing them, and start sharing.


2. Taptalk: Follow Your Favorite Forums and Discussion Communities

Taptalk is the best Android app for managing and navigating forums you regularly check. You just add the communities you want to check and let Taptalk does the rest.


 3.Plume for Twitter: For Those Who Are Looking for A Professional Twitter App

If you are a fan of Twitter and use this social network very often, then you may find the official Android Twitter app a little boring. Plume for Twitter promises an unbelievable experience of Twitter and you are going to love this app for twitting and following.


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