Whether you like it or not, Facebook is playing an important role in everyone’s social life and smartphone users try to use the official Facebook app on the their Android or Apple devices, because the app includes almost all the features of Facebook web version and is faster and easier to access and use. There are other apps related to this social network other than the official one, but Facebook went beyond the established designs and surpassed other related apps by introducing Facebook Home in its latest conference. Let’s take a look at Facebook Home:

Facebook Home introduction

Facebook Home is an Android Launcher rather than a simple app, but it is somehow different from other launchers you have already seen. This launcher, provide a convenient way to access your Face book account and you do not need to open Facebook application to check your account and updates. By using Facebook Home (launcher) you can keep chatting with friends and see the entire notifications in real time automatically and you don’t need to push the update button each time. As we mentioned earlier, Facebook Home is actually a launcher and the nature of launchers is to change the entire phone’s interface. For example, in the lock screen, it displays a slidesho w of your friend's profile pictures while yours is shown at the bottom of the lock screen. Another great feature of Facebook Home is its integration with Instagram. So, you can easily share your photos in both Instagram and Facebook easily. It is also possible to use Google Map to see your friends’ current locations on the map.

Main Features:

Notifications are updated in real time automatically

• Better notification center; bigger and bolder

• Instant chats with friends when using other apps

• Display friends` profile pictures randomly on lock screen

• Launch the app with just one swipe

Which Phones support Facebook Home Officially?

This launcher has been installed on HTC First by default, but Facebook Home can be installed on Samsung Galaxy S3, Samsung Galaxy Note II, HTC One, HTC One X and  HTC One X+. Download Facebook Home from Google Play

So, what do you thing about Facebook Home? Are you one of those 1milion people who already installed Facebook Home?