“Google shutdown Google Reader”. The news title was so disappointing for RSS reader apps lovers and they have to start to look for a replacement, since Google Reader was their first choice for following their favorite news and websites. Google Currents, Flipboard, Feedly, and Pulse News received more attention by Google reader users and among them Feedly was the most favorite one. The statistics show that this RSS news reader could absorb over 3 million new users after closing Google Reader which is a superb achievement for Feedly developers.

So, Let’s see what Feedly offers as an Android RSS News Reader.


Feedly. Google Reader News RSS Review

Feedly is all about beauty and simplicity. It shows your entire RSS Feeds in your favorite categories in a very eye catching interface. Feedly offers many reliable news sources for different categories like: Sport, Politics, Tech, Gaming, Cooking, Fashion, Cinema, YouTube and etc. All you need to do is just tapping the Add Content to make sure you receive the latest updates from that source or category.

When you open Feedly you are asked to either login with your Android device credential or with your Google account. Entering with your Google accounts lets you access all your Google Reader feeds and settings right from Feedly.

Reading news in Feedly is a unique experience, especially on tablets. Feedly has been redesigned for tablets which make you feel like reading a magazine. You can change the reading mode and change the back light from white to black in different times of days to avoid hurting your eyes. Sharing news and content of your favorite sites is really easy and you can simple share them via Twitter, Facebook, Email and other popular ways of sharing.

Feedly Features

  • Great user interface
  • Super easy sharing
  • Different categories for different tastes
  • Adding new feeds to each category
  • Updating news feeds is really fast
  • Optimized for Android devices with different sizes (4 inches, 7 inches, and 10 inches)
  • Mark news to read them later
  • Import all your Google Reader feeds to Feedly
  • 2 Home Screen Widgets

Download Feedly. Google Reader News RSS from Google Play