The project “Firefox Launcher for Android” by Mozilla got more serious when the company invested in the launcher EverythingMe back in November 2012, and everyone was waiting to see what the result of this collaboration is.

Today, at the inaugural InContext conference, Mozilla showed off a sneak-peak of their new Firefox Launcher for Android and judging by the only provided screenshot, we can say the user interface is the same as current version of EverythingMe and the only noticeable change is the Firefox shortcut on the bottom right.

Firefox-Launcher-for-And								roid-sneak-peak

Under the hood, the launcher is supposed to “integrate the contextual adaptive app search from EverythingMe with the Firefox for Android Web browser” and we should wait for the development to finish and be ready for beta testing to see how successful Mozilla has been for providing an Android Launcher which is highly customizable, productive and fun navigating.

Firefox Launcher for Android is expected to be a smart Android launcher to provide a unique and optimized user experience based on the way you use your phone, the applications you frequently use and of course your web preferences.

There is no time frame, when the beta version gets available and when Mozilla is planning to release Firefox Launcher for Android officially.