It hasn’t passed a long time since phone calls were the only way of contacting people. Although the old method of contacting is still on use, but everything is changed now. Many new communication tools and applications with many different features have been introduced since the entrance of Internet on mobile devices. Here, we introduce three most attracting and popular Messenger Applications.

WhatsApp Messenger: WhatsApp messenger enables you to send text, audio, video and picture messages. It uses mobile Internet connection and works well over 3G, WIFI and EDGE. It is free to use for the first year, but you will need to pay 0.99$ in order to continue using it for one more year. After installation, it is synced with all your contacts and will automatically add the ones who are using WhatsApp Messenger. Then you can start messaging immediately. With WhatsApp Messenger you are able to set different ringtones for different contacts, custom background images, read offline messages, have group chats and many more features. It currently does not support voice or video calls. WhatsApp Messenger on Google Play

Viber: This application is known also for iOS users. Using this application you can call your friends and family easy and quick. Text Messaging, voice calling, video messaging and high quality voice transferring are all what this free application is capable of. Viber on Google Play

Tango: Tango is another free Voice and Video Calling service, enabling users to easily contact others over WIFI, EDGE, 3G or 4G. No registration is required to use Tango. Your phone number would be your account username. Tango will enable you to send video and text messages, choose avatars, have video effects while on video calling,  play games with your opponents on calling, use smileys, have video group conference and many more. Tango on Google Play

There are also other free Android phone apps like, Skype, Voxer, Line and more which support multi OS and lets you communicate free. Let us know, which Free Android phone apps you use by clicking here. (Free Android Phone App and Mesaging App)