G Cloud Backup is without any doubt one of the easiest to use Android Backup applications and its great user interface along with full functionality and being secure are the main reasons we are using G Cloud Backup as our default data backup service.

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Well, the good news is that the new G Cloud Backup version, brings more new features and options to your device, including Cloud Gallery, Find My Android, Passcode as a security and protection layer, new Design and many more.


In the new version, there is also a new feature, called Unlimited Storage, for those who would like to store so many files and data on their cloud account without worrying about running out of allowed storage. You can get the Unlimited Storage for $1.99 a month.

What about other improvements? The User Interface has been completely changed and renewed, and the new theme reminds us of the popular new Windows Metro style. The new Android Locator (Find My Android) feature is a great way to find your lost device phone, and although many users may prefer the Android Device Manager for this purpose, but it doesn’t hurt having another reliable option.


Calendar Backup, Online web view, Enhanced web mobile view, and of course bug fixes are the other noticeable features on the new version of G Cloud Backup.

 So, if you still haven’t found your default Android backup app, give G Cloud Backup a try as we are sure with these new features and improvements you may not think of any other applications to store your content on.