HTC One and Galaxy S4 are considered leaders in the Android devices in 2013. The two phones come with the most powerful hardware and highly functional software in the market which sell very well too (especially Galaxy S4). If you follow Android news, you must have heard that both companies, Samsung and HTC, unveiled a Google Edition too. By the Google edition, it means the presence of stock Android on the body of these two phones. But what do you think about the reception of these two phones among users? Are they going to be successful? Which one is better and which one will sell more?


Hardware Perspective

Although the hardware in both of them is the most powerful ones in the market, they have some differences with each other. For the processor, they both are equipped with quad core Snapdragon 600. Opposite to Galaxy S4 which the frequency of it is locked on 1.9 GHz, the HTC One is locked on 1.7 GHz. On the GPU and memory parts, both have the same hardware, the Adreno 320 as the GPU processor and 2 GB for running memory. So far, they are same, and no distinct differences found. The differences start from the screen. The Galaxy S4 with respect to all the parameters has the better screen. This is the result of precise reviews of experts on the web. The next difference comes in camera part. While, in HTC One we are observing an innovation, Samsung tries to attract the customers with the psychological megapixel war. However, from the final quality view, HTC is superior to Samsung. The next topic is the range of sensors which they have. S4 in addition to all the sensors used in HTC One has thermometers, barometers and psychomotor. These se nsors can improve the phone functionality in various positions. Given all the above, it suggests that the Galaxy S4 hardware is more preferred than HTC One, but we should not forget the weak plastic body of it against the great cutting aluminum body of HTC One and also the power of Beats Audio on HTC One Google edition.


Software Perspective

From this view, there isn’t any certain difference between the two phones, as both of these Android gadgets equipped with stock Android. Thus, you can’t see any of amazing software feature of S4 or the amusing interface of HTC One. It can be considered these two phones as one soul in two bodies! And finally there will be no worries regarding the Android updates, as it is directly in the hands of Google.


Users Perspective

To many web experts, Android developers will be the main users of these phones. Because the software restrictions such as boot loader limitations has been removed on these handsets and in fact opens the developer hand to many functions. It may conclude that, hardware performance can be the criterion. Therefore, based on the fact that S4 has the better performance, then it may be better one to choose. We should not forget that personal taste is an important factor in the selection too.

Price Perspective

The global prices which considered for the Galaxy S4 and HTC One is 649$ and 599$ respectively, and it should be mentioned that both of these handsets are available just on a limited sales.

So, which phone are you going to pick? Galaxy S4 Google Edition or HTC One Google Edition?