Samsung by equipping Galaxy Note 3 or Galaxy S4, with special software features boast its ability in providing special Android gadgets to the competitors. But perhaps, it may possible that most of the buyers, don’t buy these devices, either because of the price or different taste. However, this doesn’t mean that they don’t like to have or try these features on their current Android gadget. In this article we are going to introduce some of these features such as, Air View, Smart Stay and other functions which are available to everyone.

Smart Stay: is one of the most interesting features which lets the screen stays on until the user gazes to the phone screen. By using Smart Stay Ex app you can add this feature to your Android device. This app uses the second camera to search for a head close to the screen to keep the screen on. There are some settings for better functionality too. For example, the search interval can be adjusted. The other useful feature of this app is the Low Light Mode, which is very useful in the dark environments. This application needs Android 2.3 onwards to work.

Air View: This feature enables the user to control some functions of the gadget without touching the phone and just by moving the hand in front of the screen. With Wave Control app you can control all tasks related to playing a music and whole music player with just waving the hand. Also you can respond to telephone calls as well. The app is almost compatible with all the music players and can do things such as, play/pause and go to next/previous track. This application needs the proximity sensor to work which is available in most Android gadgets.

Adapt Display: is the feature which dims the light of the screen in a long term reading of texts, so not to bother the user's eye. This feature is usually used in electronic readers. Although this feature is not currently individually present, but many e-readers (E-Book) have that. For example: Moon + Reader.

S-Voice: is the Samsung smart receptionist for a user to interact with him/her with having an answer to almost every question. If you do not have a Samsung phone, don’t worry because Google Now can answer all your questions, from the weather forecasts to global index changes and posting an update on social networks. The Google Now is available on all Android 4.0 onwards gadgets.

S-translator: can translate different languages for the user smartly. However, if you want to use an interpreter in your Android gadget, we recommend you the Google Translate which can be accessed offline by downloading language packages.

Camera: Camera features on Galaxy S4 are one of the most discussed topics when speaking about GS4. Since some of camera features like Dual Shot need some hardware modification, we couldn’t find some suitable alternatives. But you can try Dual Camera which merges 2 taken picture from front and rear camera (Don't raise up your expectations, because pictures are not taken at the same time). Sound Shot is another feature on Galaxy S4 which lets you add some sounds on the picture. By installing Camera 360 Ultimate and using the Audio Camera mode you can enjoy Sound Shot on your Android device. Burst Mode Camera, as the name suggests, lets you have Galaxy S4 Burst Mode feature on your device to take continuous shots. Taking Panorama pictures is not an exclusive S4 feature, but the device provides more options when taking panorama. You can install Photaf Panorama to create some seamless 360 panoramic photos.

S Health: S Health is your personal trainer and with the equipped sensors on GS4, it can be at your help more efficiently. But it doesn’t mean you cannot have a great trainer on your device! You just need to install RunKeeper to see how powerful this application is as your personal coach.

So, what can you add to this list to get even more features of Galaxy S4 on Android device?