Have you ever been troubling sleep at night because of annoying mosquitoes? There are many ways to repel mosquitoes, but one of the interesting and easy ways to this is to install a special application on your Android device. The functionality of all introduced apps is the same and they just defer in interface and features. Today, we will talk about some famous apps of this kind.

The human ear can detect a certain range of frequencies and thus, we can hear sounds only when they are in that range. Around us there are varieties of sounds with frequencies higher or lower than our hearing ability which we cannot detect. According to studies and many researches, many of animals can pick these frequencies and may be allergic to them, while human cannot be hear them or annoyed by them. Application developers take advantage of this fact and created their apps based on this fact. These apps by producing sounds which are not in our hearing range and will annoy mosquitoes, make them not to come close to the handset. So, you just need to run the app and put it close to yourself. Although there are variety types of mosquitoes and each react to different frequencies, however these apps are very effective in repelling mosquitoes. And of course they are fun to use.

Since these Android apps to get rid of mosquitoes, function almost the sam e, we don't go in details of them and we just introduce 3 of the best apps in this kind and we suggest yo to install all 3 apps and see which one is more effective for you and your local mosquitoes.

1. Anti Mosquito

The application interface is very simple and you can choose the frequency of the sound that you want to get played.

2. Mosquito Repellent

A useful app in repelling mosquitoes which also has a widget for application quick access.

3. Mosquito Sound (Ultra Sound)
An application to choose different sounds which are all used to repel mosquitoes. This application has a widget too, and you can also use the sounds as ringtones too! With this app you can test your hearing ability too.