Google Company has a long experience in the services on Internet framework. If you have an account on Google, for sure you know the Google messenger, GTalk. This online messenger for years was the communication medium among the users. A simple and easy application that actually had many fans. However, through the years, by introduction of variety of products by Google such as, Google+, Google+ messenger and Google Plus Hangout(video calls) and many more, a division has been created among the Google users which wanted to communicate with each other. Therefore, Google decided to integrate all of these platforms into one. Before “Google I/O 2013” it rumored that this integrated Google platform is named Babel. However, during the conference it is introduced as “Hangouts. In the next part, we are going to get acquainted with this Google’s Internet service.
As noted before, Hangouts is an online instant messenger. However, despite to what we see from these kind of applications it is different in many ways. The main purpose of Hangouts is that all Google users interconnected in any place and device with each other without any dependency to any specific platform, i.e. Google Plus. Hangouts enables the conference of up to 10 people simultaneously. Therefore, it is easy to group chat with your family, friends or coworkers. In addition to the chat and picture sharing features of it, you can do video call with others. So, now we are going to get familiar with some of the interesting feature of the Hangouts.

Some of the new features which are introduced in this application are,

Close communications
This application has been made for close interaction between Google users. Thus, you can chat with anyone, anywhere without any dependency to any operating system or device.

Smooth communication anywhere, anyplace

As stated above, the Hangouts is dependent to operating system and device. It will be working on Chrome operating system, Android, IOS, Web and windows.

New User Interface
Google has been recognized by its simple, yet smart deigns. This method, followed in the Hangouts as well, and beside its easy and simple user interface, it will be a quite easy experience even for novice users.

Smart Notifications
In before, if you were chatting on one place, say GTalk for example, and get a notification, you would get the same one on all other messengers too, i.e. on the tablet or the chat inside Gmail, which this was very annoying. However, right now, you will get notification just in one place, and that will be the place that you are chatting on. This will means a pretty smart messenger.

Pictures and Emoji Support

Now, you are able to share pictures during a chat or voice with other. Likewise, you may use among 600 Emoji which is supported in this application.

Don’t miss any conversation
You can send messages to other users, even when they’re not online. This will work in receiving the messages from other when you were not online too. Additionally, you can archive all the conversations in the Google cloud service for the later user.

Talk with more people simultaneously

Hangouts support up to 10 simultaneously chat, which it can be on a video call as well.

So, if you haven’t used Hangouts on your Android phone yet, you just need to update GTalk from Google Play.