What is Helpouts ? How does Helpouts work? Google Helpouts for Android, lets you video chat with experts in different fields for real-time help via Hangout. Some of these services are free and the other services charge you per minute or per session, payable via Google Wallet. As far as we investigated, while small amount of available Helpouts are free of charge, you need to pay about $1 US/minute for other sessions to get advice from experts in different fields of your interest.
At the moment, available fields and categories are: Art & Music, Computers & Electronics, Cooking, Education & Carriers, Fashion & Beauty, Fitness & Nutrition, Health, and Home & Garden.


After downloading and installing Google Helpouts for Android, you are asked to choose an account and choose your preferences. Note that at this stage you need to specify whether to allow "Customer service recording" or not. According to Google's statement regarding recording concerns, all the recorded videos are deleted after a limited period, Health related services are not recorded, and the main reason to record the Helpouts, other than ensuring the quality, is for preventing abuse or fraud (if a Helpouts gets flagged for abuse, the remainder of the session will be automatical ly recorded, even if you have already chosen to opt-out).


Now, you just need to open the field you are looking for an expert in it, or simply type - or say - what you need help with. After finding the desired session, see if it is available now or you have to reserve a session according the schedule time, then if you have chosen a paid session, you are connected to your Google Wallet account and after the payment, your session is started/scheduled.


We really liked the idea of this service and since Google is behind it, we are kind of sure Helpouts is going to be a perfect yet safe and affordable choice when we need help with experts in their respective fields. Google guaranties 100% money back (terms and conditions applied) and it uses Hangouts for video chatting sessions, and Google Wallet for payment.

Helpouts is only accessible from Google Helpouts website or on Android devices via Helpouts Android app.

Download Helpouts from Google Play