In the recent years, Google I/O has been the place to find out what’s new with Android and what the roadmap is for the most distributed mobile OS ever. So, no wonder tickets were sold out almost as soon as the registration got started.

This year, Google has made some changes to the registration process to engage more people to get the chance to win the ticket and enjoy the conference live in San Francisco.


So, how does it work? You just need to register your interest on Google I/O 2014 website during the open window interval (from 5:00am PDT on April 8th until 5:00pm PDT on April 10th), and wait to see how lucky you are as Google will randomly select the applicants and contacts them for more details regarding the payment confirmation and getting the ticket.

General Admission Ticket is priced at $900 while the Academic Admission Ticket is priced at $300 which requires you to be “an active full-time student, professor, faculty or staff at a high school or higher education institution”.

To complete the registration process you’ll need to login with your Google+ account and the payment is done via Google Wallet. Go to Google I/O help for more info.

If you are not too geek or you just don’t feel lucky enough to be one of the selected applicants, you still have the chance to follow the keynote and I/O sessions via I/O Live and watch the live stream at ease.


Google I/O 2014 will be held in San Francisco on June 24 and 25, 2014, and other than finding out about Google’s new products and s ervices, getting in touch with Google expertise, developers, marketers and industry leaders, we are also expecting to know more Android Wear, Android L and maybe a sneak peek at the next version of Android OS for tablets and smartphones.

For now go to Google I/O 2014 website and have some fun creating animations with your voice or just clicking and swiping.


Since Google I/O 2014 conference will be started in less than 2 weeks, Google didn't waste anytime and released the Google I/O 2014 official Android application. Here are what you should expect from this new application:

  • See the full schedule with full details
  • Have access to the live stream of sessions and the main Keynote
  • Get a complete vector-based map to find out about the locations of each session
  • Create a personalized schedule, add event, and sync it through all of your devices
  • A home screen widget which lets you keep track of your upcoming events
  • Get in touch with other attendance thanks to the Google+
  • Use the video library to view the Google I/O archive
  • and many more

Like other Google's product you should expect the Google I/O 2014 application to be neat, clean, easy to use and navigate, and everything you need is at its place with no confusion. So, if you are either planning to attend the conference yourself or you just want to follow the conference remotely, click the link below to download and install Google I/O 2014 on your Android device.