It’s a while that the two competitor tech giants, Apple and Google have introduced their Intelligent Personal Assistants. Some have accused Google on imitating from Siri, they say it’s because Google Now project was introduced much later than Apple’s Siri. However, it is not true. Google Now is actually originated from Google Glass project, a project which is started much earlier. We don’t want to argue which one is older here, what we are to do is to put both of them on tests and see what would be their responses.
Question 1: How is the weather out there?
Siri: Gives you weather conditions for 5 next days. The current weather situation would be displayed on the top. It uses Yahoo search engine to achieve this result.
Google Now: Like Siri, it displays the next 5 days weather conditions but with more details such as hourly weather condition.
Result: Both of them answered about the weather quickly and the result was satisfying.
Question 2: Where is Empire Estate?
Siri: It confuses for a moment and tries to find the answer with some more questions. Then using Google Map, it displays the direction to Empire Estate.
Google Now: Quickly shows the place on the map, with a marker on it. You can then ask the route to get there, if you wish.
Result: Google Now answered more quickly and is the winner.
Question 3: Play a Kayne West song
Siri: Immediately plays a song from this singer without any problem.
Google Now: It does not know this name and it starts searching it on Google Search.
Result: Siri performs multimedia requests better than Google Now.
Question 4: Tell me a story
Siri: Instantly starts telling you a short story.
Google Now: Starts searching “Tell me a story” on Google Search.
Result: Siri responded quicker and better that Google Now.
Question 5: Divide 100 by 10
Siri: Using its Wolfram service, gives you the logical answer after a short period of time.
Google Now: Answers immediately as Google Search itself has the calculating ability.
Result: Google Now performs better and quicker in Math
Question 6: Do I need to use umbrella today?
Siri: Confuses at first and then it will address you some umbrella stores.
Google Now: Will understand what does it mean and would give you the correct answer based on the current weather condition.
Result: Google Now won the competition by understanding what it meant.
Final Result:
Siri performs better on multimedia, text messaging and phone calls and Google Now has better answers for navigation, weather conditions and other Google related services. But if you are a truth seeker, you would find out that in most situations, Google Now performs better than Siri and unlike Siri, it uses Google Search engine for obtaining quick and accurate results.