Before Google Developers Conference 2013, there were some rumors that a new service is going to be added to Android for gaming with the name of Game Center. During the Google I/O 2013 conference, it was understood that the rumors were true and this service introduced by the name of Google Play Game. This service is created with four single functions for Android games. It seems that the main reason for setting up this service is to stay ahead of Apple Game Center service. Like Apple Game service, the Google Play service is not a separate application, and it corporates set of functions to support the game developers for this operating system.  Next, we are going to review this service in more details.

What is Google Play Game Services?

Google Play Game, in fact is a tool for the Android game developers, which they can control and evaluate the users and games through the web-based platform. This service has four features: real time multi player, leaderboards, cloud saves and achievements. The real time multi player ability is to play game with other Android users simultaneously. This feature is only available on devices with Android iOS (from phones and tablets to Google TV and Android digital cameras). The next three capabilities which can be used in cross-platforms are web-based features. Leaderboards for the point’s leader, cloud saves to save games in the cloud and achievements that demonstrate the achievements of its users.

The purpose of this cross-platform option is that iOS users or all the users who have access to Internet can use these features. For example, a user plays a game and reaches a level, next he can continue to play that game from the last level which he reached on iOS or Google Chrome. Thus, it can follow the games instantly from the last point, without the need to play each game from the start. In fact, the achievement feature is designed with a particular brilliance. At first glance, the user is encouraged to continue the game and get the highest score to stay in the competition, but in the end all the benefits go to the developers and Google, since this will entertain the user more and force him to spend more time on the game.

How to Use Google Play Game?

To use Google Play Game Service you just need to enable your account on Google Plus. Therefore, you can use this service easily, without installing any special application. However, keep in mind, that your game should support this function. Right now, these games support this feature: Super Stickman, Golf 2, World of Goo, Beach Buggy Blitz, Kingdom Rush, Eternity Warriors 2 and Osmos.