In the Google I/O 2013, Google introduced Google Play Game Services for developers. This service let game developers, create games with these features: Real time multi player, Leaderboards, Cloud saves and Achievements.

In the latest Google conference held by head of Chrome and Android, Google introduced the Google Play Games for users as an Android app. This app in general is like Game Center for iOS, which enables users to track their achievements and score in games supporting Google Play Games services. You can also play with the friends in your circles all around the world and find new games and shop them right away.

The games you play must support achievements, leaderboard or multiplier features to be able to track them in the Play Games app.

Let’s review what Play Games application offers:

Play Now shows the compatible games installed on your device, most recently played with friends, and suggests some featured games.

My Games shows all your games, most recently played, and installed games with achievements, leaderboards or multiplier features. Speaking of such games, have you tried Line Pokopang?

My Activity shows all your achievements and scores in different games.

Players shows all your friends in different circles, and you can play or compete with them by adding friends from list of friends or the list of people you may know.

Recommends Games recommends some games based on both your installed games, and in general.

You may also be redirected to Play Store for buying different Android games by tapping Shop.

In the Notifications Settings, you can manage who can send you notifications and which games should be muted.


Google Play Games adds more fun to Android games, and you can play with your friends in multiplier games, see the records of them and compare your scores with your friends, and follow your friends to see what they are playing.

Since this Google Play Games services have been recently offered to developers, it may take a while to see more good games with the mentioned features, but there are still plenty of fun games on Google Play and you can start installing them and enjoy competing with your friends. Keep in mind that a simple game may turn to a most addictive game you ever played, considering the motivation to beat friends, improve your achievements, and get the highest scores among friends in your circles or even in public.


Download Google Play Games from Google Play (You may need to update Google Services too)