If you decided to buy an Android gadget, a question which often arises is, what size is best for you? In other words, what kind of gadget is most suitable for your needs? From this perspective gadgets categorized into three classes of phones, tablets and phablet.  Usually, Android phones have a 3 to 5-inch screens, tablets have 7 to 12 inch screens and phablets fill the gap between the 5 to 7 inches. Each of these three classes, in addition to its own size, has their different features and characteristics as well. However, the most important factor that differ them from each other is their size. It is better to know everything before each of these classes, before buying them.

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Guidelines and Tips For Buying Android Phone & Tablet: Display


As discussed above, the size of the phone screen is usually somewhere between 3 to 5 inches. But this is a custom and not limited by any law. Phones are considered as the best Android devices in sale and thus they occupied the main line of manufacturers’ productions. Because of their perfect size, these products are more attracted the users. The phones are divided into three classes as well. The 3 inches in size called small, 3 to 4 medium and 4 to 5 inches are big. Phones have a large variety of hardware specifications, for example, single-core 600 MHz processor or 2.3 GHz quad or dual core. Hence there isn’t any hardware limitation in choosing an android phone, in other words there isn’t any deficiency in phone hardware compared to tablets and phablets except for screen size and battery capacity. However, it should also be considered that as the screen size goes large, the battery consumption rises too, thus it needs a battery with higher capacity.


Android tablets are a kind of gadgets which have an increased screen size, compared to phones. Usually from 7 to 12 inch screen size tablets. The screen size is usually between 7 to 9 inches. 7-inch tablets are the smallest, 7 to 9 inches are mediums and 9 ​​to 12 inches are considered large. After phones, tablets are the best-selling Android devices. These devices are usually designed with a relatively strong hardware. Tablets don’t differ that much from the phones and the only distinguishing difference is the bigger size of their screens. Therefore, as a general conclusion, it can be said that the main factor in choosing tablets or phones are the size of their screens and not their hardware. Of course, there are some exceptions as well and one them is Samsung's 7-inch tablet which it has the call ability. Tablets are more suitable for people who need to have a larger display, especially for browsing web pages, presentations and products showcase to customers (marketing), play games, watch videos and movies and things like that which need large screens.


Phablets are a new generation of Android gadgets which fill the gap between the phones and tablets. On the one hand, phones have a small screens and on the other hand tablets have big screens and they couldn’t make calls. Therefore, manufacturers introduced bigger phones with the call ability and names them as phablets. Samsung by introducing Galaxy Note was the originator of this gadgets widely which actually welcomed by the users very well. Phablets are designed to be neither too large (e.g. tablets) nor too small (e.g. phones). This gadgets will easily fit in a pocket and can be used with one hand, but just in in vertical mode.

Our Recommendation

If you’re looking to use an Android gadget that answers all your needs and have a wide variety of choices, while up to 5 inches of screen satisfies you, then the Android phones are a good option for you. But if you need a large display which you may replace it in some tasks with your notebook, then tablets are good options for you. Tablets are good for marketing, browsing the web, watching movies, playing games, but remember they don’t have calling option. Finally, in case you need a mix of these two, then phablets are at your service.

So, which one do you pick? A Phone, Tablet or Phablet?