So, Google announced the latest version of its popular mobile based OS in Google I/O, and in this AW Center article we show you the ways to get Android L Features on Any Android Devices. For sure, it is not possible to import all the new Android L features to other Android devices, especially the ones running lower versions of Android, but we try to gather the best ways in one place so you can enjoy some of the features of latest Android's release on your older Android device.

Update: The "Heads-up Notification" feature which was announced during the Google I/O keynote as one of the Android L's features, is now available for any Android device thanks to a kind developer!

Stay tuned for a review about the best features of Android L Developers Edition...

1. How to Get Android L Keyboard on Any Android Device
Thanks to the expert developers in XDA, the new keyboard available on the Android L can now be installed on any Android device running OS version 4 or above. You just need to download and install Android L Keyboard from Google Play and do as follows to be able to type via Android L Keyboard on your Android device running ICS, JB or KitKat and of course Android L itself:


1. Go to "Language & Input" and select "Android L Keyboard" as the typing input method
2. Head to the advanced settings, and change Colour Scheme to "Material"
3. Now you just need to drag down the notification bar and choose this new keyboard and start typing


2. How to Get Android L Wallpaper on Any Android
 Getting the wallpaper is a piece a cake as you just need to save the Android L Wallpaper in the below and set the opened wallpaper it as your wallpaper 


3. How to get Heads-Up Notification on Any Android Device

Before Android L, Notifications on Android could be both useful and irritating, but we believe after Android L they are just useful as you won't get disrupted when a notification arrives. Thanks to the Heads-Up Notification feature. At the moment we have found 2 worth to try unofficial Android L heads-up notifications application which do the job neatly without installing the Android L itself on your device.
Heads Up! - notifications and Heads-up notifications are available to download for free from Google Play Store and they let you get  notifications from pre-selected applications in an interactive way. Since both applications are free, we suggest using them both and see which one fits you the best. (Note that to get the Heads Up! - notifications for free you need to get it from the XDA Forums)

How to get Heads-Up Notification on Any Android Device

4. How to Get Android L Lock Screen on Any Android Device

The most important change in the Android L's lock screen is the way notifications are shown and the notifications are so much alike the cards in Google Now. Thanks to the Android L LockScreen application which is free to download from Google Play, you just need an Android device running version 3.0 or above to get the most of Android L's lock screen on your smart device. You can swipe in different directions to unlock the phone, open the camera application, and the dialer and you also have the option to choose which applications are allowed to send push notifications to the lock screen and which apps are in the black list. 

We looked for other alternatives 3rd party apps to get the Android L's lock screen theme to other Android devices, but it was kind of a dead end. 


This article will be constantly updated as soon as any new way surfaces.