Have you ever searched for the "iOS7" term in Google Play Store? Aren't you surprised by the number of apps developed to make your device look like an iOS7 device? This is what we really like about Android, which is ultimate customization in any way you imagine.
Well, this article is not about the advantages of iOS7 over Android or Android over iOS7, or stuff like this. This is just for those who would like to get iOS7 on Android and experience the latest Apple OS on their device (for any reason). Here we present some applications which try to make your device look like iOS7 in different aspects, like Lock Screen, Home Screen, and Control Center.

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1. How to Get iOS7 Home Screen on Android?
Using an Android Launcher is the answer to this question. From the many available launchers to do so, we recommend using Espier Launcher iOS7 which is free to download. After installing and running the launcher, now you can notcie all the icons have an iOS7 style and even the clock icon is showing the exact time as the second-hand is ticking.
You can also use available iOS7 themes for launchers, which among them, we recommend using iOS 7 Theme for Hi Launcher, which required Hi Launcher to be installed.


2. How to Get iOS7 Lock Screen on Android?
Download and install Espier Screen Locker iOS7 which is by far the best  iOS7-style lock screen on the Play Store. You can choose to show or hide battery percentage as well as camera shortcut, change the unlock text, set passcode or use the system screen lock, and the premium version lets you change lock/unlock/charging sounds, change the wallpaper and add widgets to lock screen.

iOS7 Lock Screen on Android

3. How to Get iOS7 Control Center on Android?
The idea of having quick access to system settings was first implemented on Android device and Apple is adding this feature on iOS7 with some changes. The main difference between the quick system settings in Android and control center in iOS7 is the way to open them, which iOS7 users need to swipe up from the bottom of the screen. To bring Control Center on your Android device, download and install Control Center - iOS 7 Style on your device.  Now you a perfect Control Center on your Android device with more customization available in compare to iPhone control center. You can change the touchable area (which is very useful for Nexus users who call Google Now by swiping up the middle bottom of their device) , choose to have Control Center available on lock screen or not, and many more. Read more: iOS Control Center for Android.


4. How to Get iOS7 Parallax effect on Android?
Parallax effect is a feature introduced by Apple very bold. Thanks to the live wallpaper feature on Android, you can easily get Parallax effect on Android. Like the other categories there are so many apps to get you Parallax effect like, 3D Tiles Parallax LWP and iOS 7 Parallax 3D wallpaper. But the one we recommend and reviewed before is 3D Image Live Wallpaper.
Note that, you may experience some motion sickness using this feature.

There are also many other applications which bring more iOS7 features on your Android device, like Espier Notification iOS7 which bring the redesigned iOS notification panel to your device with all the features, or iOS 7 Contact / Dialer which is to bring the dialer and contact iOS7 style on Android.