Cloud Storage is one of the best concepts raised in the past decade which has actually changed the way we used to save our contents, especially pictures and videos, and have access to them. With emerging more Cloud Storage services with different options and features, most of the users are already using more than one service at a time, and sometimes you may just confuse which file has been stored in which Cloud Storage service and you have to install so many applications to be able to manage files on multiple cloud storage services.

In this AW Center article, we show you a few efficient ways to control and manage files on different cloud storage services from a single place. You get to access your contents from different cloud applications, copy and paste the files between different services and search for a file in multiple Cloud Storages using a universal search box.


 So, let’s get started


1. ES File Explorer File Manager

ES File Explorer is one of the best Android file manager applications and is a must have app for any Android user. (Read: Must Have Android Applications for New Users)

This productive file manager lets you manage folders and files stored both internally and externally. It means you can easily have control over different cloud storage clients and download/upload content between supported Cloud Storage services as easy as tapping the screen. For now, ES File Explorer supports these clients: Dropbox, Google Drive, OneDrive,, Sugarsync, Yandex, Amazon S3, and Bitcasa.


How to User ES File Explorer to Manage Multiple Cloud Storage Clients:

1. Open ES File Explorer application

2. Tap the (ES-Explorer-Button ) icon on the top left and tap the Cloud option

3. Tap the New button on the bottom left and select the Cloud Storage service you’d like to add

4. Enter the required credentials and you are all set

5. Add as many services as you want and from now on, you can easily have access to your files and manage them, no matter where they’ve been stored.



2. ZeroPC Cloud Navigator

If the options provided by ES File Explorer are not enough for you and you are looking for a more specialized application, we believe ZeroPC Cloud Navigator is your answer. What you need to do is signing in to the application (You can use your Facebook account to sign in), add the cloud storage services. Now all your cloud content is connected, and you can easily navigate to different services and manage your files and folders faster than ever.


What we like most about ZeroPC Cloud Navigator is its Universal Search feature which enables you to search for a specific file regardless of its location and the service it’s been saved in.

You can also see all your files and folders stored in different Cloud Storage services in a single place, and even create a personalized Collection and add your favorite files in to one single virtual folder.

At the moment ZeroPC Cloud Navigator supports these cloud services: Box, Dropbox, Evernote, Facebook, Flickr, Google Drive, Instagram, Photobucket, Picasa, Recood, SkyDrive, SugarSync and 4shared.


We think these 2 mentioned ways are enough for any user to manage files on multiple cloud storage services on Android efficiently, but if you are looking for more options here are some suggestions: Cloudii, CloudCube and FolderSync.


What is your favorite way to manage files on multiple cloud storage services?