On Android phones, there are two ways to access the Internet. First method requires WiFi to communicate with a modem that provides Internet access, and the second one is using Internet on the SIM card (GPRS, 3G, and LTE). Naturally, the second option is more expensive. As a result, we should adopt a method to manage the consumption and their fees. There are some apps in the market which can report data consumption on SIM card. Onavo Count is one of these apps, which can help users in cost reductions and efficacy of data usage.

Onavo Count Features

  • Set limits on the volume of consumption for a given time period
  • Show the amount of data consumed by each application individually
  • Reporting data consumption on a daily basis
  • list of apps with high data consumption
  • Categories data consumption based on the type i.e. photos, videos, travel ...
Let's get started...

First, after the installation you can view the application agreements and by agreeing with them you will enter to the app. Three major features of the program which mentioned above will be shown in three different pages.

Then you should enter the maximum volume allowed of use, for example you can enter 1 GB for 1 month or any amount which you prefer. If you’re using the operator packages, then you may enter the amount which you have in your package, thus you have an exact control over your package. In case you consider an amount of cost, then you can enter the amount of data equal to that cost. For example, you would like not to spend more than 5 dollars per month on your data, and if the price of each 100mb is 1$, then you’re going to enter 500mb. This is a good way to manage your costs. This option is available from the upper menu and will be enabled by selecting the Set Data Plan option.

You can also specify the day on which you pay the fees, for example, the 5t h day of the month. This is done from the top level menu and by Set billing cycle option.

The main page has three tabs which by sliding to left or right you can switch between them. The first tab is an overview tab; a summary of the data used in the current period is displayed in this tab. In case your consumption becomes lower than a specified amount then the app will warn you to reconsider about your usage.

Second tab is Cycle. This tab reports the data consumption, daily, weekly or monthly.

The third tab is App Guide, which is related to the apps data consumption. The apps which use data are sorted descending in this page. By selecting an app from this list, all the data consumption in background or foreground of the OS will be shown. There is an option to check the usage based on the time, i.e. daily or weekly too.


Moreover, in the everyone tab you can see the amount of consumption for other users and compare them to yours.

In application settings, you can choose to show or hide the message bar at the top of the program. There is a disk cleanup tool to remove some unnecessary data for the apps which it may be useful.

Onavo Count is a very useful app to control internet consumption and manage costs but it is not enough. If you plan to manage your costs, you should go to the settings of installed application individually. Each app has some options for data usage at different, which by setting them, you can have the desired result.

There isn’t any tool to restrict Internet access on selected applications in this software; a tool which can permit or restrict access to the Internet by each app individually.

Download Onavo Count | Data Usage from Google Play