Sometimes Android users expect their phone to perform some strange actions; for example play a special song as soon as plugging a Headset, Opening a special app when you arrive in a special location, Closing an app when battery is overheating, When the battery level is more than 75% set the brightness to maximum, if the battery level is between 25% and 75% set the brightness to 50%, and if the battery level is less than 25% set the brightness to minimum. Well, we should say, Tasker is what you are looking for. You just need to tell the app what to do, and when to do. That’s it!

Tasker can do more than 200 tasks automatically on your Android phone and tablet. When you first open the app, you may think it is just another app with limited functionality, but many functions and tasks are waiting for you.

Since there are too many settings and functionalities, we continue the article with assigning this task to Tasker: Play a Special a Special Song when I Plug my Headset In.

What you need to do is to add a context to a profile, and assign a task to this profile (The task contains one or more actions). So, the App understands while the profile is loaded, Then it should start the task. In our example the context is: Plugging a headset and our task has one action which is: playing a song. Note that you can assign more than one context to a profile and the profile doesn’t load unless all the contexts are true.

Let’s get started:

  1. Open the app, and on the “Profiles” tab, tap the Plus button
  2. You have 6 options: Application, Day, Event, Location, State, Time. We chose State, because the state of the phone is changed when a hardware device is plugged in. Other contexts are for special locations, special apps, special day or time of the day.
  3. Now you need to select the category for this State. Available options are: App, Display, hardware, Net, Phone, Plugin, Power, Sensor, Tasker, Variables. Since we want to plug hardware, we choose Hardware.
  4. Tap Headset Plugged. You can choose whether the headset should have a Mic or not!
  5. Now, press the back button to create new task by tapping the plus button.
  6. Write a name for the task
  7. Click the + button to add an action
  8. As you can see in the screen shot, there are plenty of available actions.
  9. Since we want to play a song, we need to select “Media” and then choose “Music Play”
  10. Now we need to specify the song by tapping the Search icon and browsing the file manager
  11. We are all set. Our song is played as soon as headset is plugged.


As you see, finding the right actions or contexts may be difficult, and you may think this action is not available in Tasker, but keep in mind that your device can act smarter and more automated than ever if you use this great app.

Let us know what tasks and profiles you have already created? and What are your problems when using Tasker

Download Tasker from Google Play