Samsung Galaxy S4 is one of the best Android phones in 2013 and the 13Mp Rear camera and the 2Mp front camera brings you some unique and innovative features and functionality. As the title suggests, this week's infographic is about GalaxyS4 camera and some tips to improve your photos taken by GS4. (Click the image to see it in real size, or click: Galaxy S4 Camera Tips)


10 Camera Tips for Samsung Galaxy S4

1. Dual Camera: The Dual Camera feature lets you take 2 pictures at the same time with the 13MP rear and 2MP front camera, and the final picture contains both shots. This feature is supported in the video mode too.

2. 12 Shooting modes: There are 12 automatic shooting modes available on GS4 which makes it possible to take the best shots in every situation and modes. With Beauty Face, it clears every blemish  and in Best Face, it chooses the best face in 5 consecutive shots. Some modes are: Auto, Night, Beauty Face, Animated, Rich Tone HDR, Drama Shot

3. Drama Shot: With Animated photo and drama shot, you bring images to life. Take continues shots and turn them to animated GIF format. Or choose best instances from up to 100 shots and capture the dram in every frame

4. Clean Up the Scene: Eraser Shot lets you remove the moving object in the background of your scene. Imagine how perfect your picture will be, when cleaning a walking stranger or flying birds from the scene

5. Record and Shot at the Same Time: Consider you are recording a scene and suddenly wish you could take some pictures too. Well, Video Capture    on S4 makes it possible to capture some photos while recording. Now you have both captured and recorded a wonderful day

6. Story Album for Favorite Moments: Photo Collage mode lets you create a memorable snap shot of a favorite moments, by using multiple pictures from a great day. You can also use the Album Story app to create a beautiful Album based on locations, Time, or Tags.

7. Voice Commands: What does Voice Commands do on Camera interface? You just need to enable it, and from now on, what you need to take a picture is: Saying Cheese or Shoot. It is very useful when your both hands are full. So, let’s say CheeeeeeeeeeSe.

8. Share The Moment: How do you share photos with friends at the end of a party or a trip? With Share Shot you can instantly share all your photos with friends nearby. You just need to be connected with Share shot and the images are automatically shown for other connected devices.

9. Best Face: When Best Face mode is activated, 5 continuous shots are taken, the camera identifies and tags the faces, and what you need to do is to choose the best face for tagged faces.

10. Live Filters: Which one do you prefer? Taking 10 shots with different settings, modes, filters and hope to capture the best moment with perfect filters? Or preview the outcome in real time when taking the photo?

credit: Samsung website