Today is Infographic Day at AW Center and we chose Galaxy S4 as the subject of this infographic. What you are going to see is about Galaxy S4 Cool Features. We have chosen these 6 features, as the cool features you don't want to miss:

1. Superb Display: You may have expected a software feature on the top of the list, but this display is simply gorgeous. Galaxy S4 comes with a 5 inches Super AMOLED screen with Full HD Resolution and 441 ppi. If you are going to see GS4 for the first time, you better see it with screen On, so you will definitely forget about its design.
2. Dual Shot: Galaxy S4 comes with a 13Mp rear camera, and 2Mp front. There are lots of new shooting mode available on the camera app. mode like: Eraser mode, Drama shot, sound & shot. but we chose Dual shot as the coolest shooting mode. It uses both camera to take pictures at the same time, and delivers you One picture with both side on.
3. Air Gesture & Air View: These cool features let you use your phone without even touching it.
Hover your finger over the phone to see: The names of contacts assigned to speed dial numbers, Preview a scene or show the elapsed time while watching a movie, Magnify the content of webpages, information or photo preview.
Air Gesture on the other side, lets you have a quick glance at your new notifications, answer incoming calls, scroll webpages by pre defined Gestures
4. Smart Scroll & Smart Pause: These two smart features, let you scroll webpages by either titli ng your head or device, and pause the playing video when moving your head away

5. S Health: S Health is an app which tracks your health factors, like: Heart Rate, Calories burnt, walking distances, weight. The available sensors provide information about the status of environment.

6. Samsung Knox: Samsung Knox is one of the most secure way to keep your contents protected. You can also separate your work stuff from others

To view the following infographic in real size, click here: Infographic - Galaxy S4 Cool Features

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