These days having a Wi-Fi router to share the internet connection wirelessly is kind of a Must for any places, and you shouldn’t wonder why people are not coming to your place very often if you don’t have a Wi-Fi network.

Since almost all the Wi-Fi networks are password protected, here is the main issue. How to keep calm while having to repeat the network’s name and password over and over to your friends, so they can enjoy the party with their phones!!

Or another issue is that you have a general password for most of your devices, and you simply don’t like others to know the password.


So, what is the solution? Among many applications and services to overcome this problem, we found InstaWifi very useful and handy. This Android application saves the Wi-Fi network’s name as well as the password and lets the others get connected to that very network by either scanning a QR Code or tapping an NFC tag or an NFC-enabled device via Android Beam.

How to setup? After downloading and installing InstaWifi, open the application and there you should see 2 tabs: NFC and QR. To program an NFC sticker, simply select the SSID as well as the security type and finally the password. Then hold the device close to an NFC sticker and tap the “Write to Tag” button. The process will take about a second and you are all set.


If you prefer a QR Code, move to the second tab, fill the required data and use the Sharing button and share the generated QR Code to your friends. You can also print the QR Code and stick it somewhere in your place.

What Now? Now if a friend asks you about your network’s credential, you just need to tell them to scan the QR code or stick their phones to the NFC tag and their device will automatically connect to the saved network.


We really loved the idea of this application, and we have already printed the QR code and stick it on our router. But here are some issues we faced while working with the InstaWifi application:

  • The QR tab and NFC tab are not synced and you have to enter the Network’s information for each tab separately
  • To get connected via NFC you have to have a specific 3rd party application installed on your device, but the QR Code way just need a typical Barcode Scanner application
  • The network’s information (Wi-Fi configurations) are not saved and you have to reenter them if you need to generate another QR Code or write on a NFC tag
  • We couldn’t find a way to add hidden SSID networks

In a nut shell, InstaWifi is an amazing app which saves some time and you have actually more times to play with your Android device instead of repeating the Wi-Fi configuration to the people around you. While the NFC way seems to be less useful (and kind of weird, considering the fact that you need a Wi-Fi connection to get the application and then use it to get connected to a Wi-Fi network), the QR Code way is totally a life saver!

Hit the download link below and get InstaWifi from Google Play Store for free