Currently, the two most serious operating system in mobile platforms on the market of smartphones are Apple's IOS and Google's Android (Windows phone is getting closer day by day). The latest version of Android is 4.3 which is known as Jelly Bean and The IOS reached to version 7 too, but it is still in beta phase. It may happen to most of the users which wanted to know regardless of hardware, which operating system is better or suites them the most. In this article we are going to identify which one is better in terms of performance, interaction and interface.

Android 4.3 Features

Google is still continuing to update the Jelly Bean, until the Android 5 becomes ready. Android 4.3 is an upgrade over Jelly Bean and there isn’t much of changes on it. The most important changes in this new Android are as following,

In this new version, there are some improvements over user creation and user management. In this version, there is possibility to set some restrictions on any user. Thus, in this way the primary user has more control than others.

In Android 4.3 the history of all events can be accessed. This is very important for the secondary apps.

Android 4.3 supports smart Bluetooth. Therefore, we are experiencing a reduction in power consumption in the devices which supported this feature. It also supports AVRCP 1.3 which is Audio/Video Remote Control Profiles and displays the information of the current music playing on other stereo systems.

In the new Android, the location finding will be done by WiFi and in the background. So, it doesn’t need the user to manually turn on and off the WiFi once.

Jelly Bean 4.3 by supporting the DRM, provides a surround and clear sound to the user, and this is a one step forward to improve the multimedia in Android.

The new algorithm which is intended for the Android default keyboard, makes the typing easier than ever.

Android 4.3 supports OpenGL ES 3.0. This results in better processing of graphic information and faster renders of graphics.

In this version there is a better support for the languages which are written from right to left, like Arabic and Persian.

Finally the by implementing a new feature named Android Ops, the user can enable or disable the components which apps need to access.

iOS 7 vs Jell Bean 4.3; Which One Is Better?

The seventh version of IOS is a major leap for this platform from the first day which introduced. This version has changed almost in ever ything from the look and design to its backend. The changes are so much that Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, said this version has the most modifications since its first version.

All the default apps such as, messaging, dialer and calendar will be provided with a new look. This new look covers the icons as well. Icons are designed simple and flat. The new feature to access the previous page with continuous finger motion on the screen from left to right, makes the user work with one hand easier.

The notification has been changed completely. This section which has semi-transparent style is accessible in the lock screen too. Besides the design changes in this version, there are many features available in the notification center. The Control Center is a new option which is available in the notification center. The Control Center lets the user to turn on/off the WiFi and Bluetooth, adjust the screen brightness and turn on/off the flashlight. The interesting point is that, the control center is available from everywhere, even from the lock screen.

Air Drop feature allows users to easily share data through the Wi-Fi.

The multi-tasking section has been improved significantly which allows the apps to run with minimal impact on battery and CPU usage. IOS 7 has a smart engine, which provide the hardware framework for the apps which the consumer uses more frequently. Switching between applications is done in full screen mode, so users will have a better preview of the applications.

Safari browser now has the option to run in full screen, so the user can focus more on the content. Moreover, the search function inside a page is provided. Previously Safari could just open up to 8 simultaneously pages and in this version this restriction is removed and now the user can open as many pages as he wants simultaneously.

Which one is better?

We have talked so far about these two platforms, but which one will work better? Answering to this questions is a little hard, but it can be said that although Android hasn’t much of changes compared to previous versions, it is not weaker than IOS 7. In fact, in recent years, Android has progressed such that the new versions are just with small improvement. In other words, Android in version 4 and upwards reached a maturity level and completed as a perfect operating system in Jelly Bean. Of course, we should not ignore the exclusive features of IOS but we should admit that right now Android is more perfect than IOS. Extensive personalization capabilities and settings for operating system, the new multimedia features and the original business strategy of Android to being open source are just some of reasons to name it better than IOS.