LectureNotes is simply the most advanced and versatile note-taking Android application,  which is designed especially for Android devices with stylus and in particular Android tablets. Of course the basic functionalities still works on all other smartphones (some features may lack though). LectureNotes is not only intended for audience to take notes, but is also designed for the lecturer himself. LectureNotes is a useful tool for for lecturers to give presentations, for students to take notes, for artists to draw sketches and for businessmen and everybody who cares about the quality of their notes.


What Does LectureNotes Offer?

The story begins by adding a new notebook. Upon so you will face a bunch of options for the newly created notebook. What are outstanding here are the Paper Pattern and the Text Layer settings. For the paper pattern you can choose it to be Checkered, Ruled or use an image as the background or if you know JavaScript, you can write your own pattern codes by choosing Custom.

Choosing Custom for Text Layer opens up a dialog where you can define all your text options (i.e. font family and margins).

All these options are just before you enter the main notebook screen.

Before we go any further, remember: clicking an action bar icon twice in the notebook screen, opens the hidden menu for that item.


LectureNotes supports layers; everything written or drawn on a layer can be easily removed without harming other layers.

If you want to use your Stylus for writing, the application offers “four standard pencil colors, three standard pencil widths, seven standard eraser sizes, and eighteen custom pencils (for which color, width, softness, and pressure or velocity sensitivity can be freely chosen)”. If you want to use the keyboard for entering text, you can do so by clicking the keyboard icon in the act ion bar menu. The application automatically creates a text layer as soon as you start typing (click twice the keyboard and pen icons to open their hidden menu for more options).

There are also options for drawing rectangles, ovals and lines or a freehand shape if you like.

If you are a lecturer or if you want to use this app for actual teaching (by writing on the device and projecting the screen content for the audience), there are some special options for you. You can import images into your notes or import a custom PDF file as a new notepad.


LectureNotes uses a powerful and user friendly UI. In Display section in the app’s settings, it’s possible to choose a dark theme, modify the dialog sizes, change the Notebook Board appearance, hide system bar, disable Back key and do lots of other customizations.

In the notebook menu there are options to fit the page in width or height (for landscape or portrait screens) and also an option to zoom.

You are definitely going to love LectureNotes if you have an Android tablet or an Android smartphone with a stylus and want to take notes professionally.


LectureNotes General Features

  • Best note-taking application for Android
  • Custom Page Resolution
  • Lots of UI customization
  • Full Stylus support
  • Standard and Custom pens
  • Support for Layer
  • Import/Export PDF
  • Import Image
  • Audio/Video Recordings and Replay
  • Backup and Restore of notebooks board
  • Integration with EverNote
  • Organization of notebooks in folders