LG G2 is the first smart device with a unique design, where physical buttons are placed in the back. In this AW Center article, we cover 10 top LG G2 Tips and Tricks, so you can enjoy your device even more and make your G2 even smarter.

So, let’s get started:

1. How to Turn the Screen Off/On

The first thing you would notice about LG G2 is the difficulty of turning the screen Off/On since the power button is placed in the back. LG introduced KnockOn, so you just need to Double Tap the screen while it is off, to turn the screen ON.

To turn the screen off, you just need to Double Tap the Notification Bar, or some empty places in the Home Screen.


2. How to Take Screen Shot and Edit the Image

Well, to take screen shot with LG G2, you just need to press and hold Power Button and Volume Down Key together and release them as soon as the screenshot is taken, but if you want to be able to edit the taken screen shot you need to do as follows:

i. Go to the page/screen you want to capture

ii. Drag down the notification bar and tap Quick Memo to take the screenshot and be able to edit it with available tools

** You can also open Quick Memo by swiping up from home screen and moving your finger over Quick Memo icon.


3. How Does the Back Buttons Function?

LG placed the physical buttons in the back, and other than doing usual tasks, like adjusting the volume, these buttons can do the following actions for you too:

  • Hold the Volume Down Key for a couple of seconds (3, 4 seconds), while the screen is off, to launch the Camera application.
  • Hold the Volume Up Key for a couple of seconds (3,4 seconds), while the screen is off, to launch Quick Memo.
  • Hold the Power Button + Volume Down Key to take a screen shot
  • Use the Volume Key as a camera shutter button (Go to Camera > Settings and make sure Volume Key is assigned to Capture)

4. How to View Battery Percentage on The Notification Bar

To monitor the remaining battery power, you can easily add the battery percentage on the notification bar, by going to the following path and enabling Battery Percentage

Settings > General > Battery


5. How to Enable Multi Window

The QSlide feature is the same as Multi Windows on Galaxy devices and it lets you open some applications, like Video, Internet, Messaging, Calendar, Calculator, and…, over other applications.

To enable QSlide, drag down the notification bar, tap the QSlide toggle button, and select the application you want to open.

You can move, resize and change the transparency of the opened application.

Another way to use the Multi Window feature on your device, is tapping the QSlide icon (QSlide-Button) while the supported application is open.


6. How To Change Visual Effects

The default launcher of LG G2 provides some cool transition effects for moving between home screen pages, turning off the screen, and screen swipe effect while in the lock screen.

  • Change Home Screen Swipe Effect: Go to Settings > General > Home Screen > Screen Swipe Effect, and change the effect for moving between home screen pages.
  • Change Screen Off Effect: G o to Settings > Display > Screen-off Effect, and change the effect when turning off the screen
  • Change Lock Screen Swipe Effect: Go to Settings > Display > Lock Screen, Set the screen lock method to swipe, and then tap Screen swipe effect” and select one of these options as the effect while swiping on the lock screen: Ri pple , Dewdrop, White hole, Particle, or Crystal

7. How to Enable Dual Shot on G2 Camera

Dual Shot mode on G2 camera lets you take shots with both front and rear cameras at the same time. To enable Dual Shot (Dual Camera) Mode, open Camera application, Tap Mode and then select Dual Camera.

You can resize, move the small screen and change its frame.

** Note that this option is also available while recording

8. How Enable Smart Stay and Smart Pause on LG G2

Smart features of LG G2 are Smart Screen and Smart Video which function the same as Smart Stay and Smart Pause do respectively on Galaxy devices.

Go to Settings > Display > Smart On, enable Smart Screen, so the screen stays On as long as the phone detects your eye, and enable Smart Video, so the video pauses as soon as the phone cannot detect your face.


9. How to Customize LED Lights for Notifications

LG G2 lets you uses an LED light on the top front of the device and one at the back side (around the power button). To customize the Notifications to be informed by these LED lights, go to Settings > Display > Notification LED, make sure the feature is enabled and enable/disable following items:

For Front Side LED: Incoming call, Missed call, Missed messages, Missed LG emails, Missed cell broadcast messages, Alarm, Calendar notification, and Battery charging.

For Back Side LED: Incoming call, In call, and Alarm.


10. How to Turn Off All Notifications

The Quiet Mode on LG G2 helps you manage and control notifications and disable them in pre-specified times. Go to Settings > Quiet Mode, and then turn on this feature. You can block all incoming calls, send auto reply to blocked calls, and set allowed contact lists.


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