Well, we are 1 day away from July and if you’ve followed the news about the LG’s best smartphone in 2014, LG G3, you’d know July is the time to finally see the gorgeous 5.5 QHD device shipped worldwide. For a couple of weeks, the only lucky customers who were enjoying their G3 lived in the South Korea and as of the past days Hong Kong, Indonesia, Singapore, and the Philippines customers joined the party and the rest of the world will join shortly.

In this AW Center article we provide you with the latest news about LG G3 Release Date and Price in the United States, UK, Canada, and the rest of the world.

So, let’s get started:

UPDATE 1: T-Mobile has just updated its website regarding the LG G3 availability status. Read the following to know more.
UPDATE 2: Good news for AT&T users. You can now place your order and have the item shipped right away.
UPDATE 3: It's finally official. Verizon will be shipping the LG G3 from July 17 while you can register your pre-order now.


LG G3 Release Date and Price in the US

Confirmed news show that in the United States, every four US major carriers (AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Sprint), are preparing themselves to offer the LG G3 with of course so many plans and pricing policies as well as different promotions.

While the actual shipping date and prices by the carriers are yet to be unveiled in the United States, rumors say that Verizon will be shipping the G3 starting July 17, one week after accepting the pre-orders.

Update: As expected the rumors come true and the biggest US carrier will be shipping the orders from July 17. Verizon is offering the 32GB version with 3GB of RAM in both black and white, and if you go for a 2-year contract you'll be charged just $99.99 which is noticably cheaper than AT&T's $199.99 price. There is also the option of $29.99 per month on Verizon EDGE or $599.99 for the no-contract version.

AT&T has only opened a Pre-pre-order LG G3 page on their website without even specifying whether they are going to offer the 16GB/26GB version or the 32GB/32GB one. And you just can enter you email and wait for an automatic response to be notified about starting the pre-order.

Update: the LG G3 is now available to purchase from the AT&T website (we couldn't find any AT&T retail store to have the device in inventory) and if you go for 2-year contract version you should pay $199.99 upfront with monthly payments and if you go for the no-contract version it costs you $579.99.
AT&T is also offering some select G3's accessories with 50% off the regular price which means you can grab a LG G Watch for only $114.50 if you buy an LG G3.
and don't forget that your order will be almost immediately shipped as soon as you confirm your order, and we assume it shouldn't take longer than 4,5 business days to be delivered.


Sprint is also too stingy too reveal more information about LG G3 release date and price, and the only confirmed news is that Sprint will be exclusively carrying the LG G3 in Gold color nationwide.

“Coming Soon” is all you can see if you open the LG G3’s page on the T-Mobile website and according the specifications shown in the page we should expect the 32GB/3GB version to be shipped via the carrier.

Update: If you are planning to buy the LG G3 carried by T-Mobile, you can now register your pre-order and wait for the delivery starting from July 15. The full retail price is set to $598.80 and you may pre-order yours now. As expected Metallic Black and Silk White are the only available colors and you are also eligible to choose between different data plans.



LG G3 Release Date and Price in the United Kingdom

UK customers are luckier than US customers, as they can already place their order for the 16GB/2GB version and have it delivered the very next day. Some digging through some UK carriers indicate that O2 and Three have now the LG G3 available to purchase and you can get the unlocked LG G3 in the UK for for £529.99.

Buy LG G3 from O2


Clove in the UK is more generous than O2 as they are selling the LG G3 for £410 (£492 Including VAT) and giving away a free wireless charger worth £59.99 as well. Available colors options for this 16GB/2GB version are: Metallic Black, Shine Gold and Silk White.

If you are looking for more deals and tariffs, head the Carphone Warehouse and check the prices and plans from O2, EE and Vodafone.

Buy LG G3 from Carphone Warehouse


LG G3 Release Date and Price in Canada

We don’t know why but it is literally nothing official about where and when to buy LG G3 in Canada, but we are confident to say that both Rogers and Bell will carry the LG G3 sometime in July and more carriers like TELUS and SaskTel are expecting to offer the device too.


In Overall, it’s just a matter of time to see the LG G3 released and shipped worldwide and we believe in less than 10 days more confirmed news will surface especially about U.S. carriers pricing policies and release date.