What do you do when you send a picture to a friend and want to emphasis on a certain part of the picture? Or you have just sent a Map screenshot and you want to mark the exact location? Or what do you do to highlight or annotate a PDF file and share it with friends?

Well, like any other application’s types, we should expect many apps to annotate a photo or mark a map, but we found Skitch (which is in associated with the developers of Evernote), one of easiest to use, yet practical Android app in its kind. Let’s see what Skitch offers as an Mark Up PDFs and Annotate Photos on Android application:

Skitch Review

Skitch’s main task is to add some information to a picture, a location on the map, a screen shot from the web, or a PDF file. It provides some tools to annotate picture, highlight a text, draw some shapes and arrows, add some texts or stamps, and save it on your Evernote accounts and share it with friends and colleagues.

Suppose you want to show the latest progress of the project to the shareholders. You first choose the Draw on Map option and find the area of the project, now it’s time to mark the exact location of the project with available tools. Then you open some pictures taken from the project, and again add the necessary annotates to make the shareholders understand better about the current condition of the project. The next step is to share modified pictures to other shareholders and investors who couldn’t attend the meeting.

Skitch Main Features:

  • Easy crop, pan, and zoom
  • Using the Blur effect to hide some texts in the picture or the map
  • Adding simple shapes
  • Easy share
  • Accessing all the created pictures through Evernote account
  • Marking up PDF files (it is free for the first 30 days of use)
  • Add hand writing, and change the color and size of the pen
  • The ability to modify pictures even after you saved them.

How to work with Skitch

Skitch is very easy to use, and you just need to tap the available tools to see what they do. There are 5 ways to start a project: Choose a PDF to annotate them (it uses the files stored in cloud apps like Google Drive or Dropbox), Take a photo, Choose a photo, Draw on Map, Capture from web, or Start with Blank. After starting the project, you can use different pens, watermarks, shapes, colors and stamps. When you are done with editing, tap Save to store your file in your Evernote account and share it with others.


Skitch provides some simple tools with a very user friendly interface. Since it is integrated with Evernote, You must install Evernote and sign in to your account to be able to save and share pictures. We saw no bugs or issues and it is the best choice for annotating photos if you are not looking for a professional app with so many available tools and options.


Download Skitch from Google Play