Android apps can be literally developed for any purposes by using all the hardware and software capacity. Some of the hardware pieces of smart devices are the sensors which can be applied in an anti-theft application. Mobile Alarm System uses the proximity sensor, as well as the camera and charging status to detect any changes in the status of device, like any movement (someone gets close to the phone or the phone is moved), a loud sound, unplugging from charger, trying to unlock the phone, and more.

The application’s alarm is trigged and goes off under the following circumstances

Movement: When the device is moved

Proximity: When the proximity sensor detects and object is getting near to the device

Unplug: When the charger is unplugged (We really liked this features, since sometimes we use one charger for different devices and this app notifies me when someone unplugs the device)

Unlock: When the device in being unlocked

Noise: When the application detects some loud noise

Camera: When the camera detects some movements

When one of the status of one of the following rules, gets positive, the application’s alarm gets activated with some sounds, take some photos with either the back or front camera (there is no dual shot!), and sends Email, SMS, or make call to the pre-defined contact.


Mobile Alarm System Main Features:

  • Alarm is triggered under 6 circumstances: Movement, Proximity, Unplug, Unlock, Noise, and Camera
  • 8 different sounds as the alarm
  • Changing the sensitivity of Movement, Noise, and Camera
  • Set Email, SMS, and Call notifications
  • Set PIN Lock for the application

The application is really easy to use and you just need to turn on each rule you want and tap the Off button to start the application. When you go to the settings, you can enable/disable sound and vibration, change the volume, duration, pause, and countdown time, change the sensors’ sensitivity, and enable taking picture when the alarm get triggered.


What we liked about this burglar alarm system are: The very user friendly interface, Setting up a PIN code to avoid people disabling the application, Sending notifications via call, SMS and Email, Taking pictures and specifying the camera to take picture and the picture attachment when sending Email.

What we didn’t like are: There is no feature to find the location of the theft by GPS, Unlocking wasn’t working perfect, and when a headphone is plugged the alarm sound is played from the headphone not the speakerphone (we were expecting the app to ignore the earphone)

We recommend this app for those who have to leave their device unattendant in unsafe places and want to make sure no one gets close to their device. If you still have doubts getting the app, you may try the lite version which has all the features except: Movement and Camera, PIN lock, and sending notifications via SMS, Email or call


Download Mobile Alarm System from Google Play