While we’ve kind of used to see the latest version of Nexus series to be announced sometime in October, some rumors suggest that Google has no intention of continuing the pure-Android-devices lineup and may concentrate on a new project called Android Silver.

On the other side, some reports indicate that the Nexus project has not been completely ruled out and despite the fact the LG has officially, kind of officially, announced that they have no plans to manufacturer the Nexus 5’s successor, there is a fair chance to see the Nexus 6 unveiled on the expected time which is October. Some reports even go one step further and claim that the Nexus series will be celebrating the birth of at least 1 new member with a 9-inch screen and Google being the father and HTC the mother.

Today those who believed in the existence of Nexus series at least for one more iteration, got more confident as the well-known Android news source, Android Police, surfaced the news that Google is collaborating with Motorola to build the Nexus 6 with 5.9-inch screen. The source believes the new Nexus device is actually in the work and there might even be a prototype “under active development”. The new Nexus device is now known as Shamu and the only 2 leaked specs and features if Nexus 6 are the screen size which has been already mentioned and the fingerprint sensor as w ell. And of course it will definitely run Android L.  

The only evidence to support the Android Police’s report, other that the source being correct and reliable most of the times, is the appearance of Shamu codename in Google’s issue tracker.


In overall, Google will definitely announce a new device later this year, which might be another Nexus device or the first of generation of Android Silver. If nothing unpredictable happens, the new Google’s device in partnership with Motorola will be announced and launched in November and although Motorola has been recently acquired by Lenovo, it seems Google and Motorola are still working together so closely.   

Like always it’s just a matter of time to see more unofficial news pop-out and until then we should just stick to the rumors with higher degrees of confidence.