When touch screen devices introduced, people never thought that they will become increasingly popular and replaced the old physical keyboards. Although currently they are the most popular medium in entering data into phones and tablets, still the comfortable and speedy model is hand writing or actual keyboard. Therefore, lots of applications developed for hand writing on touch screens. These apps are really useful and speedy and each one of them has its cons and pros. In this AW Center App Review, we are going to introduce a new app, MyScrpt Stylus, in this field which is still in beta version, but worth a consideration. So let’s see how it works.


MyScript Stylus supports 54 languages, so the first time which you start it, it will need some tweaking about which languages are going to be used. There is a wizard which helps you to select your language, activate the app from the Android’s keyboard setting section and your current input language and that’s it. There isn’t anything in the app. Now you can go anywhere to enter some text. Remember that you should first choose the Stylus beta from the list of keyboards.

Small window will appear instead of your keyboard. There is a line, which you should write on it, and some buttons such as backspace, enter, change the keyboard and keyboard settings. The magic of Stylus happens here. Stylus can detect almost all types of hand writing instantly and if not, it brings a list of near or similar words to choose. There is a bar under the writing line, which if you draw a line it will underline your text that is really cool.

Stylus has also gesture capabilities. It can read gestures to insert space, remove words, delete characters, words and sentences, insert line breaks and join words.

In addition to all, Stylus has a good support for right to left languages (i.e. Arabic, Persian), and it can detect and connects words in these languages easily.

In the settings menu, you can choos e your text size and ink thickness which are essential options. You can also set the speed of auto scrolling which for it was fast and I set it to medium that suits me better.


MyScript Stylus Features

  • Supports both hand and stylus
  • works in all apps (i.e. SMS and web browser and)
  • Converts hand writings into digital writing real time and with edit features
  • Supports 54 languages
  • Supports gestures (i.e. line breaks, spaces and join words)
  • Supports both landscape and portrait mode
  • Supports some of Asian emoticons



Like similar apps, MyScript Stylus will replace your touch keyboard and lets you write instead of typing. The difference between MyScript and others comes where, it can supports both hand and stylus pens. The next difference is number of languages which it supports. It currently supports 54 languages which is a huge number. But besides these the factor which makes Stylus different is its power in recognizing and even learning your hand writing. Besides some crashes during the working with the app which is usual as the app is still in beta version, I would definitely recommend this app to everyone and it is indeed the best handwriting recognition Android app so far.


Download MyScript Stylus (Beta) from Google Play