Samsung released an update for both I9500 and I9505 in selected countries (UK and Germany seems to be the first countries to get the update), and the update is being rolled all over the world in the next couple of days. You can download this update Over the Air (OTA) or via Samsung Kies.

So, What is this update about? Samsung released this update to fix some bugs, and add some new features to its best mobile phone in 2013.

What are the new features? Well, as you may have read in the news, there was a lot of complain regarding available memory space, and the limited space for installing apps. In this update the available memory has increased from 9.15 to 9.23, and you can also move your installed apps to SD memory card. Good news for those who love to play HD Games on their GS4!

There were some changes in the camera firmware too. You can now have the HDR feature in both Video and Photo. The older firmware just supported HDR in photo mode.

Scrolling was another S4 users’ complain especially that purple effect on screen while scrolling fast. Now you can scroll smoother and there are some other improvements in the display for reading (improvement in readability) as well.

Smart Pause can now be enabled or disabled right from Notification panel and you don’t need to search in the menus to activate this new feature.

There are also some changes in the graphical user interface. The notification bar is now semitransparent and you may see some new icons in the settings app.

Other than S Planer software improvement, you can now have control on secure boot status.


Let’s take a quick look at what is added to Galaxy S4 after Update:

  • Move apps from Memory to SD Card
  • HDR video record
  • Fixed purple effect while scrolling
  • Some improvement in Graphical User Interface

If you have already updated to the latest firmware, let us know which country you are in and if there is any other new features or not?