Reviewing different Android launchers has been one of the main subjects of AW Center article in the previous weeks. Next Launcher 3D is the last Android Launcher we review and stay tuned for an Android Launcher head to head competition in the next week.

Let’s review the concept of launchers ­for those who are not much familiar with it. Launchers are the most important apps in the Android world. Because they are the first things, the user faces them. Different home screens which shortcuts and widgets are placed on them, the app drawer section which lists all the installed applications are all part of the launcher. Then, each user is looking for the best launcher for its gadget.

One of the most popular and most expensive launchers which many users are using it, is Next Launcher 3D. This launcher has been developed and introduced from the same software development team which presented the GO Launcher. This implies that we are expecting a powerful and practical launcher.


Next Launcher 3D General Features:

  • Beautiful 3D effects
  • Ability to change themes, and icons on Home screen
  • Ability to create folders in the App Drawer
  • Floating elements
  • Change the shape and style of display elements


First impressions

The launcher supports beautiful 3D effects and you may think it is just about 3D effects everywhere on the phone. After the installation, doing everything for the first time is with a learning wizard, thus make working with it e asy.

All the settings in the home screen are easily done, and all the sections have excellent graphics and are understandable.

The settings have been clearly categorized. The sections are, Home Screen Settings, App Drawer, effects, duck type, and advanced settings. Each of these sections has its own settings and perhaps the most interesting is the effect settings that you can adjust the different effects. These effects are diverse and unique in the beauty, so that you can say that, the Next launcher 3D the best launcher available in the market. Totally speaking, this launcher has many good points, which mentioned. The other good point of this launcher is the ability to create folders and categorize apps in the App Drawer, which cannot be seen similar to this feature in every available launcher in the market.

If we want to name a disadvantage of this launcher, it is the inability to change the icons in the App Drawer.

You may download many home screen widgets and themes from Google Play and apply them to Next Launcher to bring even more beauty to your Android device.

As a conclusion, if you are looking for something different, and you are not a fan of simple interface, then Next Launcher is your choice, because you will always have something new to change or something beautiful to add to your home screen. And we should not forget about fantastic transition effects in 3D

Download Next Launcher 3D from Google Play