The Famous internet browser company, Opera, has already released Opera Mini Web Browser and Opera Mobile Browser for Android users. They recently released Opera Browser Beta as their latest product for mobile platforms. This popular browser is focusing on reducing internet usage and is really useful for those who are using limited data plans. In this version we can feel how fast pages are loaded. When you first open the app, 3 new features of this browser are introduced to you:

  1. Off-Road Mode: This mode is useful when you are having some network speed issue, or you just need to save some data. Enabling this mode at these situations, leads to faster webpage loading time.
  2. Speed Dial: It acts like speed dial on your mobile phone. It makes accessing to your favorite sites easier and faster than ever. It is also possible to create a folder to organize your favorite sites better.
  3. Discover: This mode, makes finding the information you are looking for, more interesting and more efficient. The Discover mode contains different categories in different topics, like: Arts, Business, Entertainment, Food, Health, Life Style, Living, Motoring, and News… Based on each story, the browser shows you the latest top news in a very interesting way.


To review some other features of Opera Browser Beta, as mentioned earlier, the loading speed time for webpages is really good, and thanks to Off-Road mode, you don’t need to worry about slow connection, especially when 3G or 4G is not available in your area.

Another feature is Tab Browsing which cannot be named as an amazing feature in a web browser, but the speed of changing tabs and effects for creating new tab is kind of great. You can also manage your downloaded files, in the Downloads menu. The download manager lets you organize and manage your multimedia files, and downloads can be resumed if the download server is resume supported.

In the other Article, we named Chrome as the best Android Internet Browser, but this browser is really worth a try. Download Opera Browser Beta from Google Play for Free.