Last year we heard a rumor that Samsung is going to launch its new member of the Galaxy with a lower price than the S4, so we were all looking forward to the price announcement. The Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone was listed for pre-order on a few retailers. The price was quite shocking, though, as it was not any cheaper than the Galaxy S4, and it can be considered somewhat an expensive smartphone today. The Clove retailer in UK has set this item on pre-order as of today for £499.99 (it would be approximately $1000!) This is the price for the 16GB version, and no one knows what number will be chosen for the 32GB one.


The Samsung Galaxy S5 has also been listed in the Amazon Spain for £600 on pre-order.


There has also been a rumor saying that Samsung will come up with a much better model of the Galaxy S5, in order to start the new F family of Samsung phones. This has been only declared by the South Korean manufacturer and there is no evidence to back it up for sure. The only news that we are sure of right now is that the Samsung Galaxy S5 will be out to global markets on April 11. We just have to wait and see what the final price will be.

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