If you are familiar with App Ops feature on Android and your devices is running Kitkat, then the good news is that App Ops can now function with Android 4.4 as well as Android 4.3. App Ops actually is a Jelly Bean 4.3 hidden feature which let your revoke and manage permissions for each installed app separately.

On the App Ops on JB 4.3 article, we showed you how to use this feature on your Android device running Jelly Bean 4.3, but this application wasn't compatible with the latest Android version, Android KitKat, and those who had updated their device to KitKat weren't able to use this great feature. But this week, the Color Tiger developer team finally managed to find a way to get the App Ops feature to work on Android Kitkat, and it works like a charm on our Nexus device.

To revoke permissions for each application separately do as follows:

1. Download and install App Ops 4.3 / 4.4 KitKat from Google Play (Download Link)

2. Open the application and select the Native AppOps mode

3. Now your Android apps are shown in different categories: Location, Personal, Messaging, Media, Device

4. Find the application you would like to manage its permissions, and open it

5. Now, you can see the entire permissions of that specific application, with the status of the permission (enab led or disabled)

6. Simple disable each item to revoke that specific permission. You can also see when was the last time, each permissions have been accessed by the application.

** Note that some applications may not function properly if some necessary permissions are revoked.


When opening the app, there is also another mode called AppOps X, which needs Root access to be installed. 2 good features on this mode are: The option to search or filter apps, and batch grant/revoke permissions.

App Ops 4.3 / 4.4 KitKat has a clean and neat user interface and it is the best in its kind and does what it is supposed to do, the best. This application, and generally the App Ops feature, is strongly recommended for those who care alot about their privacy and ignore installing some applications with more permissions than needed. It is also a handy tool for controlling battery usage and data usage, since you can manage unnecessary permissions.

Download  App Ops 4.3 / 4.4 KitKat