It’s been about 2 years since Google bought Motorola Company (The Mobility section). All this time, people were waiting for Motorola’s new smartphones leaded by Google. Most users are expecting to see Google starting its own Eco system by releasing Motorola devices with pure Android (Just like Apple, Microsoft). Rumors say Google is working on X Phone with Android Key Lime Pie and introducing Galaxy S4 with pure Android at Google I/O 2013 makes us believe, Google is keeping its X-phone for another special event. Here we gathered all the rumors about X-phone.


There have been many rumors about this project and these rumors have been started since 4 months ago and still go on. Let’s separate the rumors in to two categories to have a better perspective regarding the X-phone:

1: X–Phone as a brand: Many experts believe X–Phone does not only refer to a specific mobile phone, but to a new brand. In fact Google plans to guarantee its success by producing new types of mobile phones under a new brand. Just like what happened with Google Nexus series; a brand which was welcomed a lot by users, except that each Nexus series were produced by different manufacturer (First HTC, then Samsung and now LG). The plan to create a new brand seems logical by Google, since we are seeing the Galaxy brand by Samsung is going to be known as the representative of Android. And of course Google doesn't like this situation. So, what do you think about “Galaxy S4 Google edition”? Which side is going to take more benefits? Is it Samsung or Google?


2: X–Phone Specification as a phone: Speaking about X-Phone specification is so much more exciting than discussing weather X-phone is a brand or not. The specs specified bel ow seem to be coming through some more reliable sources.

The chosen processor Chipset is probably Snapdragon 800 Octa-core. The frequency is mentioned about 2GHZ (Tegra 4i is expected too). In case of Ram and Memory we should expect 2 GB of Ram and 32 GB of internal memory.

Google and Motorola have both realized the weakness of Android devices batteries therefore they would pay more attention on the capacity. There are some rumors of 3000 and 4000 mA capacity.

What about the display? Well, we are told it is a 4.7" display. Although there is no information on the display type, but almost everyone expects a HD resolution display, if not full HD.

The body design is the next thing people talk more about. Since Google and Motorola have both faiths in strong body design, X-Phone is expected to be dust and water proof. To protect the display against physical harms Sapphire Display Protection is used.

The version of Android accompanied with the device is also important. At first, everyone expected to see Android 5.0 coming with device, but after leaking of some benchmark tests, it turns out that the next Android version will be 4.3. We believe Key Lime Pie is going to be the choice for X-phone (Read about Android Key Lime Pie Features).

About the Camera, there is not much information, and we should expect a 13MP camera with the ability to record Full HD videos.

We tried to gather all the rumors from reliable sources here, but there is no certainty about each spec and most of all about the release date. Maybe on Google I/O 2014?