Well, you might have always heard interesting stuff about the two famous useful voice assistance services from two tech giants, called Google Now and Siri and it might be a little unexpected to hear such a service, now even from another tech giant, Samsung. S voice which might stand for Samsung Voice is the name of new intelligent voice assistant service introduced by Samsung to compete the other two. Although it is a new born assistant and it is a little unfair to put it on test or to compare it with the other two experienced assistance, but here we will ask him some questions and wait to see the respond. Don’t forget that S Voice can also respond to most of your requests even when you are offline.


Questions and Requests from S Voice

 1: To call someone, it’s easy. Just say 'call to ...' to start calling immediately.

 2: Say 'Text message...' to start messaging. It is, however, advised to use S Voice for short messages as it might not function as it should, for long text messages.  

 3: Want to set alarm? No problem. Just say “Set alarm for…” and it will set it for you after confirmation.

 4: like Siri it uses Google Maps for navigations and except the time it takes for analyzing what you say, its general speed is tolerable.

 5: No reasonable response was made when asked to play a song.

 6: About setting an appointm ent in a specific date, it confuses a bit, especially when you say the name of a person whom you want to make an appointment with. Start with saying: add to calendar Sunday at 2 pm …

 7: No problem seen for searching over the net.

 8: It uses Wolfram Alpha to search for famous features. Start with asking: When was Einstein born?

 9: Say “Weather in…” to check the weather condition for a specific place.



The Samsung S Voice Assistant is almost a little bit of sluggish and has some issues in speech recognition. But nevertheless, it has some special features of its own like responding to specific commands for example unlocking the phone by saying “Hi Galaxy” or to turn on some of device features like GPS, WIFI, Bluetooth or to run some of the default applications. It’s completely compatible with social networking applications like Facebook and Tweeter. Although it has some issues in speech recognition, as mentioned earlier, but don’t forget that it’s at the beginning of its way and hopes are still there in future versions. The languages currently supported by the app are: English, Italian, Germany (Dutch), French, Spain and Korean.

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