Samsung Galaxy S4 can be named the most innovative Android phone so far. In the 4th iteration of famous Galaxy S series, Samsung focused on health by introducing “S Health” app as your personal trainer and including barometer, temperature, and humidity sensors in the GS4 to measure environment conditions. In this article we review some of the official Galaxy S4 accessories related to “S Health” as well as covers, headsets, cables, battery kit and wireless chargers.


S View Cover

This cover is really a smart innovation of the flip cover. This amazing cover has a small window which lets you see details about incoming calls, missed calls and unread messages without opening the cover. You just need to take a look at the window and see what is going on.


Flip Cover

If you are not interested in S view Cover for any reason, you can still enjoy flip covers on your Galaxy S4. These uniquely designed covers come in beautiful colors and you can use each of them in different occasions to be always in style.


Protective Cover+

Samsung itself describes this cover as a “Perfect protection for the Galaxy S4”. This colorful protective cover provides you extra protection by covering the whole body with extra thickness.  Don’t worry about dropping your phone anymore.



Looking for something elegant and classic? Well, Pouch is a classic premium cover which seems to be fun using it.


These 4 cover types have been introduced and manufactured by Samsung and there are so many other cases and covers available in the market. What we choose among these 4 covers is S View Cover with its amazing design and functionality.

Extra Battery Kit

Battery is one of the most concerns (if not the most) of smartphones users, and since there in not some solid solution to overcome battery power problems, Samsung is offering an extra battery kit, when the battery is running low and no charger is available. We also liked the box protecting the battery from getting damaged


Wireless Charging Pad / Cover

Wireless charging technology for Android phones emerged in the beginning of 2013, and so far this is not as practical as it is advertised. But it gives us home that someday our phone would be charged while carrying it in the pocket.


Bluetooth Headset

This headset provides a Bluetooth connection between the headset and the phone and you can talk wirelessly!



The introduced headset for Galaxy S4 brings premium Hi-Fi sound experience for you. This headset has real ergonomic design and provides a clear balanced sound with its 2 speakers in each headphone. It indeed boosts the quality of listening to music


HDTV Adapter

This cable provide a clear HD output, and what you need to enjoy your Galaxy S4 contents in bigger display sizes, is a display with HD support and a HDTV adapter


S Band

As we mentioned in the beginning Samsung introduced “S Health” as you health and fashion manager. S Band, measures your activities and sleep efficiency with its 3d sensor. This waterproof band gathers the required data and sends it to the phone (and of course to the S Health app) via Bluetooth connection. S Band mainly helps the phone to track your steps and burned calories.


Body Scale

A body scale as an accessory for a mobile phone? Isn’t it a little odd? By the way, this body scale can save and transfer the weight of up to 4 persons (as Samsung specified) to the S Health app. It helps you track your daily weight and see if the trainings have been useful so far or not!



HRM which stands for Heart Rate Monitor records and monitors your heart rate in real time and controls exercise intensity by checking heart rate. It seems we have a physician standing by when working out.


Samsung introduced these 12 accessories, so you can enjoy your amazing Galaxy S4 even more. What is your favorite accessory? And what would like to have? Post your comments in the official AW Center Facebook page.

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