After a long time, finally Samsung unveiled its newest magic smartphone Galaxy S series. Its unveiling ceremony was held in New York. Samsung mainly focused on software capabilities on this extraordinary phone.


Galaxy S4 body is made of poly carbonate surrounded by an aluminum chassis. Thickness of this beautiful phone is just 7.9 mm. The body is simple and beautiful and its weight is low comparing with its dimensions, its weight is just 131 grams. The front panel is designed in way that the margin between the body and screen is very low.


One of the most important hardware parts of Galaxy S4, is its CPU. Its CPU is a 8 core Exynos 5. A 4 core Cortex A15 (for heavy processing), which is 1.6 GHZ. Another 4 core Cortex A7 (for light processing), which is 1.2 GHZ. The reason for 2 different CPU is to control battery consumption. As Samsung claims, this CPU scrounges up to 70% of energy. This CPU is equipped by PowerVR SGX for graphic processing and 2 GB of RAM. Galaxy S4 touch screen is unique in its kind. It is a 5” full HD. This screen type is Super AMOLED and it can be touched by gloves too. This screen is protected by Gorilla Glass 3 coating. Galaxy S4 camera is equipped with 13 MP sensors, which can capture full HD pictures. You can capture pictures by both front and rear cameras at a same time, this feature is named Dual Shot. The capacity of the battery is 2600 ma, which has the ability to charge wirelessly by its special frame.

Samsung has equipped Galaxy S4 for fitness and medical cares. It is equipped by a thermometer and psychomotor.


In the field of software, nothing is missed in Galaxy S4. This cell phone operating system is Android 4.2.2 with TouchWiz interface. Some of Galaxy S4 software capabilities are as follow:

  1. Smart Stay: this feature which is also available on Galaxy S3 (and other Samsung phones with Jelly Bean), makes the screen to be ON until the user is starring at the screen.
  2. Smart Pause: when device is in video play mode, if user`s head turns to a side other than screen side, video will pause automatically.
  3. S mart Scroll: by moving eye to up and down side, the page is scrolled. They should also keep the screen with their fingers
  4. Air View: when the user points his finger near to the screen, a preview of image and email is shown.
  5. Air gesture: user can do some of commands which are based on finger move, without toughing the screen. For example, to move among images in gallery. When user receives a call, he can connect it by moving his hand against cell phone.
  6. S-Voice: this is Samsung Intelligent assistant
  7. S-translator: this feature can translate incoming messages. This feature can also translate audio content.
  8. Group play: it can connect up to 8 devices to each other by NFC gateway.
  9. Adapt display: when reading texts prolongs, this feature makes the background darker.
  10. Knox: this is applications which classifies your personal and official tasks separately, and encrypt your official tasks.

General specifications

  • 5” Super AMOLED touch screen, with 1080*1920 resolutions.
  • 8 core Exnos 5 Octa CPU with 1.2 GHTZ and 1.6 GHTZ frequencies.
  • 2GB of RAM, 16 and 64GB of internal memory, external memory slot.
  • 13MP camera with LED flash.
  • 2600 ma battery and wireless charging system.
  • 50GB of cloud memory on DropBox service.
  • Android 4.2.2 with TouchWiz interface.