You can capture a scene in a photograph in many ways. You can change the object you are focusing on, or just adjust your camera on auto-focus. The amazing new feature of Samsung Galaxy S5 is that you can do all the above after taking your photo!
The focus its self takes less than a second to adjust. With this speed, you will be able to shoot many photos with different focus concentration, and the amazing fact is that you will be able to change them to your ideal focus mode later on. In order to get different focus modes, you have 3 options: near focus, far focus, and auto focus which shows you the whole picture as it is.

These are all the announced features about the Galaxy S5 by Samsung. Very little processing time, the possibility to change the focus of a photo to the ideal form before < em>and after shooting, and the automatic focus detection are some of the characteristics that can make a smartphone's camera a lot more applicable and popular.
Now Samsung claims that all these features have been put together without any functioning problems, and is soon going to give a very new photographing experience to the future Samsung users.

We are without a doubt impatiently waiting the Galaxy S5 to enter the markets, so we can see as ourselves how the new features will work.