Samsung showed off the new Galaxy S5 smartphones in the Mobile World Congress. We will be examining different parts and features of this phone here at AWC. One of the most important factors when buying a phone, is the appearance. The looks of a phone could be one of the highest priorities with some people. This article will examine the appearance of the Samsung Galaxy S5.

Galaxy S5

The Galaxy S5 does not look much different than the old members of the Galaxy family. In fact, many people and critics thought of it as a turn off to see the old boring look of Samsung phones reproduced, with not much creativity and change involved. The front looks similar to the S4 and the S3, with  the metal border around the phone and the small oval-shaped Home ke y (which in this case is also a finger print scanner, but we'll get to that).
The back of the Galaxy S5 has the biggest difference from the rest of the family. It looks a lot more professional, using a pebbled hard back that looks like it is made of metal, but actually, it's only plastic. Some critics have compared the back look of the Galaxy S5 to a bandage, which is not so false after all. 
The screen has enlarged to 5.1 inches (from 5.0 in) which is not a huge improvement, but is still remarkable in the world of electronics.