So, Samsung has started to launch its new PRO tablet series all around the world, and in this article we cover the Galaxy Tab PRO Series and Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 availability and price all around the world, including the U.S., UK, Europe and Canada.

Before getting started let’s have a quick review of the specs of these new Samsung Galaxy’s tablets.

The Galaxy Tab PRO series feature a WQXGA display, 2.3GHz Quad-Core Snapdragon 800 processor, 3GB of RAM, Android KitKat, WiFi + LTE Support (4G) and 8MP/2MP Rear and Front cameras. Galaxy Tab PRO 12.2, Tab PRO 10.1 and Tab PRO 8.4 are the 3 different models of this new series at the moment which share the same specs except battery capacity and of course screen size.

 Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 is equipped with the favorite S-Pen stylus while other specs remain the same as Tab PRO 12.2.

And don’t forget about the free package of subscriptions and pro versions of different magazines and applications, pre-installed on your PRO tablets (It seems they are only available for Galaxy NotePRO (12.2) and TabPRO (12.2))


Availability and Price in the U.S.

While there are so many rumors and reports showing the Galaxy Note Pro carried by Verizon, at the moment you can get the Galaxy Note PRO 12.2, Galaxy Tab PRO 8.8, Tab PRO 10.1, and Tab PRO 12.2 from different online retailers in the U.S. including Amazon and Best Buy.

Best Buy Offers:

Samsung - Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 - 16GB – White/Black - $399.99 (Go to Best Buy)

Samsung - Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 - 16GB – White/Black - $499.99 (Go to Best Buy)

Samsung - Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 - 32GB – White/Black - $649.99 (Go to Best Buy)

Samsung - Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 - 32GB – White/Black - $749.99 (Go to Best Buy)

Samsung - Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 - 64GB – White/Black - $849.99 (Go to Best Buy)


Before confirming your order, make sure to check the delivery time, as some of these devices might not be available to be shipped at the moment. For example Galaxy Note Pro 12.2 with 64GB of internal storage is set to be released on March 9 if you order from Amazon.


Availability and Price in Canada

So, what about Canada? It turns out you have fewer options to choose in Canada compared to the U.S. as the availability of Tab PRO 12.2 is yet unknown and the 2 other Tab PRO tablets along with Note PRO 12.2 will be released on February 28, if you order yours from Future Shop Canada.

Future Shop Canada Offers:

Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 8.4" 16GB – White – 419.99 (Go To Future Shop)

Samsung Galaxy TabPRO 10.1" 16GB – White – 519.99 (Go To Future Shop)

Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2" 32GB – White – 769.99 (Go To Future Shop)

Based on the pricing policy in the Canada for these 3 tablets, we should expect a $669.99 price tag for the TabPRO 12.2’ 16GB version. Other Canada online retailers including Best Buy, Staples, and Walmart are also expected to offer the new tablets soon.


Availability and Price in the UK

As far as we checked, Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 and Galaxy Tab PRO 8.1 are the 2 tablets available to purchase in the UK.

UK online retail store, Very, is now offering the 8.4” tablet with 16GB of storage for £349.00, and the price increases to £649.00 if you plan to buy a Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 (Wi-Fi with 16GB storage) from Samsung UK store. Samsung’s set a 3-4 business days as the expected arrival time, and Very is Out of Stock at the moment.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4, 16Gb Hard Drive, Wi-Fi, White - £349.00 (Go to Very)

Samsung Galaxy NotePRO 12.2 (Wi-Fi) – Black/White - £649.00 (Go to Samsung UK)

For more variants and offers, you need to wait longer.


Availability and Price in the Europe

U.S., Canada, UK, and now it is time for other European counties. Unfortunately, the new tablets are still not available across the Green continent and for example if you live in Netherlands you need to wait at least until March 28 to get your favorite tablet.

For now, TabletCentral in Netherlands is ready to accept pre-orders with the following prices and March 28 as the estimated delivery time.

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 8.4 Wifi + 4G – White/Black - € 519,99 (Pre-Order in Netherlands)

Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 10.1 Wifi + 4G – White/Black - € 609,99 (Pre-Order in Netherlands)

The retailer has also specified the availability of Samsung Galaxy Tab Pro 12.2 Wifi + 4G in near future with the € 799,99 retail price.


Availability and Price in India
It seems the Samsung Galaxy PRO series will be finding their way to Asia, as the retail price for Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 unveiled, and the device will be sold in India sometime in Q1 2014 for $1045. The price is really far from being affordable and a we are expecting a huge drop as retailers have the Note PRO 12.2 available for sale.

We’ll update the article as soon as more retailers and carriers have the Galaxy Tab PRO and Galaxy Note PRO 12.2 available to order (or pre-order) all around the world.